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The We Love Desilu Fan Club

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Welcome to 'We Love Desilu'!

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This club list is for members to get to know each other and discuss Lucy, or the club, or whatever Lucy related!
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Welcome to the We Love Desilu Fan Club!

The club was originated by Jodi Ashby and Deana Gentry in February 1998. This is a no dues/fees just-for-fun fan club. There are monthly newsletters and other interactivities. We hope you enjoy this webpage! For any questions, suggestions, comments, or if you want to join the club, just e-mail us at Thanks

Hey, we're updated! We updated on July 28, 2000. I am going to get the club up and running again! Now, we will have only quarterly newsletters, because I can't keep up with every month, so that means that we're going to have extra long, extra good newsletters! I'm excited, but I really need everyone's help. I need all sorts of articles from ANYONE! Whoever would like to submit, please give us articles about anything (first Lucy experience, Lucy facts, Lucy oops!) whatever it is, we want it! Please help us make this the best Lucy club around! Thanks, deana

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The We Love Desilu Fan Club BIG goals!

----- We want 5001 visitors by January 1, 2001!! Please put our link on your page ASAP! And tell everyone in chat rooms about us! Thanks!

-----We want 601 members by January 1, 2001. Please tell all your friends about it!! Thanks!

Congrats to everyone! We have acheived all our goals! We are going to continue making goals and breaking them with the help of you! Thanks!

In order to join the club, apply for jobs, or just send us comments, you'll have to email us!

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