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In sickness and In Health

We've just had one of our most hectic weeks yet. That is, me and my husband. The twins, who are 8 months old, were sick at the same time. They had stuffy, runny noses which unabled them to sleep or eat much because they couldn't breathe. They also had these hacking coughs. They were vomitting and crying all the time.
I just started working again and my first day back is when it all started. It figures because my husband was home alone with the twins. I worked 2pm to 10pm so it was going to be a long night, especially because my husband works Grave shift(4am to 12pm) and he really needs SOME sleep to be able to wake up at 3:00 in the morning.
Anyway, I called home on my break and he told me that the babies were really sick. I forgot to mention that this was Thanksgiving weekend so there wasn't a doctor to be found. He was really overwhelmed. Trying to soothe the sicker of the two and the other in the background demanding attention. I felt so bad, but I couldn't go home on my first day at work. My husband toughed it out (somehow) and I came home to find him and BOTH babies scattered on the couch. He really looked as if he had been through something major. I then relieved him and he went to TRY to get some sleep.
My night turned out to be like his day. Both babies woke up because they couldn't breathe and I was up until 5am trying to soothe them. Finally, at 5am I got a break, as they both passed out from exhaustion. It only lasted until 6:30am. I was seeing double and knowing that I had to work 2pm to 10pm again didn't help me relax any.
My husband called the doctor on-call and he told us to do exactly what we were doing. Use ocean drops, suction their noses frequently, cool mist humidifier, and tylenol. Also he gave us a name of something that would dry them up so they could breathe. It was called Naldecon. Well, My husband tried to use that during his shift and it made the babies throw up even more. We then started putting it some apple juice which did the trick.
Luckily, my mother had off two of the 4-day weekend. So she was a big help to my husband. She calmed one and he had the other. That made it alittle easier on him.
We toughed out the weekend and took the babies in to see the doctor. We were afraid that our son might have an ear infection because he has had 4 of them in 8 months. It turned out that his ear was alittle red so the doctor reccommended an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. I hope he won't need tubes in his ears which happens to alot of children with ear problems. Both babies were put on an antibiotic to clear up the sinus infection. These kids were born into a family with frequent sinus infections.
It was a tough time but it's now Wednesday and things are looking better. They are still stuffy but little by little they are getting better.