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And now for young ones (all of you try to be young, aren't YOU? Just few of us realy are :-)).
This is building of National and University Library! I remember like it was today! First day on University! And first trucks and machinery on the site where new Library should be erected. Can you belive it? Thay build this facility in shorter time than took me to finish study. Talking 'bout fast building!
Anyway young students can get their books here, leave tham on the tables and join their friends drinking coffee on 5th floor of the Library. Boy, I should learn like that! Who knows what other buildings would be erected. But no! I finished my study and no more building!
After "hard" day of learning and study our students can enjoy flighting baloons. Yeah if you have rich father or if you join some baloon club! Or you can go at Concert dome Vatroslav Lisinski in behind! Maybe you love classic music! (My selection is pretty narrow: Bach, Bethoween and Wagner, so I'm not a reggular spectator!) Or you can try to cross crossroad under red light and be caught by police. Cool!
Get real! You won't attend no classical concert in Concert dome! Let's grab cup of coffee!
Best place to do so is Tkalciceva street in the hearth of the city. Remember? Jelacic square? Bogoviceva? No? Immposible!
Tkalciceva street is the street of cafes. Big concurention, low prices, right? WRONG! Thay have deal to charge the same (often too expencive) prices. If you'll ever pass this street you'll need local guide. You will surely go in wrong place!
Than someone will put curse on you and make you marble statue. This woman was cursed too. (No, she's not Marry Poppins, although ((uh I spell that uncorrect for sure!)) she looks like!)
No! Let's cut that joking!....
... Oh God! I can't think of anything else than jokes! Do you know how blonde ...
What to do at night?
If you're 14-18 years old you have no problem. Discoes, bistroes ... you name it. All that is designed for you. If you are little older than that (and you don't like Techno), you'll face some difficulty find your pit to crawl in! Again you'll need local guide, as a matter of fact, good one! Or you will end at movies or in little cafe (for a change!).
If you're happy to pick blonde from joke above...(well infact I didn't tell joke, but it's funny! hahahaha), you can always get back at Bogoviceva street and stare in the windows of Dubrovnik hotel. You won't enter cause thay don't rent rooms for hour. If you have a car, park it mister!

If you are so lucky that your greeneyed darkhear friend (;-)) has room in that hotel and if you're so so lucky that she'll invite you to escort her to her room...
You'll probably ain't gonna read no more WWW about Zagreb!