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On the left side you can see how narrow streets are at Upper Town. Narrow and almost without cars. Ideal place to take a walk!

On the right you can see one of many defending towers, part of former defence wall against Huns and Turks. It's name is Lotrscak tower. This tower's speciality is cannon fire! What? Every day at the noon, little cannon fires to tell the citizens that it's 12 o'clock. Do you maybe wonder where this cannon ball lands? If it falls on my head I'll inform you at once!

Another defence building is this stone gate. It's name is Kamenita vrata which stands for... stone gate, what else? :-)
There is fresque of Holy Mary inside. Legend told that fresque came from little church which have burned to the ground. All exept this fresque. You can also lite a candell in memory for you lost friends or relatives. Oh, yes you're suppose to do that just in work-hour 8am-6pm. Why? Beats me, but it's true!
You can drink a cup of coffe or juce (or maybe something stronger) in vicinity. You can also have a pizza, but there is much better places to grab a good pizza!
Zagreb is also hometown of celebrated sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. You realy should hear about him. This is his playground. I know that this sculptures can't match my models and drawings, but ...
Man realy knew some important people so he made it as artist. I'm young enough to get my connections!
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