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Church of St.Mark

Located on Upper Town, church of St.Mark is one of most beautiful building in city. That is true. Church and square of the same name was center of west part of Upper Town, through centuries known as Gradec.
In fact, Upper Town was devided between bishop's Zagreb (or Kaptol) and free city of Gradec. Habitants of devided city was pretty hostile towards each other. Town was devided by little creek with one bridge over it. Because frequent clashes between citizens of Gradec ans Kaptol, which took place at that bridge, it was named Krvavi Most (Bloody bridge).
Today there is little street on the place of former bridge with same name.
Square of St.Mark is also known by crusifying of Matija Gubec, leader of peasent revolt back in 1573.
This picture on the left represent symbol of free town Gradec. This insignia is base for today's symbol of Zagreb.
On picture on the left you can see today's look of church's tower. At last one good restoration!

On the right you can see front part of Croatian National Theatre. This building was erected back in 18th century. Today, square were it's situated is named Square of Marshal Tito, communist leader who ruled Croatia (than as part of Yugoslavia) from defeat of nazism 1945 till his death in 1980. Thanks to his succsesfull fight against Nazi Germany and his featless stood against USSR dictator Stalin in 1950's this square still carries his name.
Square is arounded by palaces (and few "bussines" buildings erected in time of socialism. There is few little cafes in vicinity but they are reserved for new Croatian "jet-set". Pits full of new primitivisam, mobitels and expencive cars.
In 1995. rebel Serbs hit the square with an surface to surface missile. Jet-set is still here, if you know what I mean!

Another picture of National Theatre. Picture of lower quality. Don't blame me, I didn't took that photo!

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