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Let's see what our guide say about central Zagreb square, Jelacic square:
Harmica was the old name for present central square that has borne the name of the famous Ban Josip Jelacic since the second half of 19th century. The round fontain of Mandusevac is associated with legend about a maiden called Manda and a knight, which gave rise to the name Zagreb. The wide square, bordered with palaces and cafes, is sometimes transformed from a town meeting place into a large public stage, especialy during summer, on the occasion of the Folk Festival.
Amazing, ha? Bored me to death and I just retyped it!
Left side of Jelacic square
With that next picture I'll share with you something that you ain't gonna find in touristic guide.
First joke about that white poles. You can see that only half of tham have lights on it. During the time of reconstruction of the square, one young German pilot has landed on Moscow's Red Square in his Cessna. It was back in '80s. So, to prevent such an attempt architect add some additional poles. You never know who will fly by.
And about "...meeting place...", after massive anti-goverment meeting one and a half year ago and an attempt to protest again in february '98. (Police and military police stood between people and this "...meeting place..."), city goverment prohibited any massive assembling on the all towns squares. For traffic reasons, of course!
Amazing decision from people who came at power after big meeting in '90. Communist police didn't disturb meeting!
Right side of square
Zagreb's longest street, the serpentine Ilica, is the jugular of city trade. It is connected to the Upper town by the attractive funicular, and to the other parts of the Lower Town and the rest of the city by the tramlines, the most popular vehicle of Zagreb. (HAHAHAHAHA! The MOST POPULAR??? You DON'T want to take ride in that! Even if you menage to penetrate crowd and get in, after ride with all kinds of caracters, smells, loud talking and controlors (for tickets), you'll probably miss your stop! If you are bigger person, like I, you'll menage to get out on your stop. So as dosent other people you'll carry with you!). Soory about that remark but I couldn't help it. One more remark! Drivers of that trams are of so high IQ, that you better watch yourselfes crossing that lines. Whan you hear the bell (yes bell!), it will be probably too late!
Ilica in the sundown
Little free of charge advertising! In Ilica street you can eat best ice-cream on the face of the Earth.
Just ask for "VINCEK". Everybody know where you can find it! (Mr. Vincek can I get one ice for free as a reward for this?)
Bogovic street you will find if you exit hotel Dubrovnik! Yes, that glass monster in the centar. (Remember that palaces arround Jelacic square). Here you can go out to get cup of cofee! It's much cheeper than few meters north on Jelacic square. That yellow ball is "Fawlen Sun". Today it isn't so yellow. You can find all kind of text on it. Just stand by and read!
Someone said that this street is copy of Knez Mihajlova street in Belgrade. I would like to thing different. But...
On the other end of the Bogoviceva street there was a beautiful square called Square of Flowers. Whole square was hidden by few big trees. That trees stood there for years.
But new arhitects came, and "redecoration" had begun. Concrit and steel! Real trees went away and steel ones came. And square is still "Flower's". Yeah right!

OK that concludes centar of Zagreb, should we procceed?