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Let's talk about sports!
First of all, I'm various sports fan. I like to ski, play football, basketball, scubadive, table tennis, tennis (very bad player), underwather fishing (check other hobbies!), sailing, cycling, rolling, ...
Well, some regulary, some irregulary, but they are all on the list!
I used to ski very good (modest guy, ha?) so I was member of Croatia nacional ski team. Big competitions? Hm... I had bad luck to live in former Yugoslavia so I couldn't attend big competitions cause I wasn't good enough to be in ex-Yu ski team, but I raced some of best skiiers of all time: Ingemar Stenmark, Bojan Krizaj, Rok Petrovic, Michael Tricher, ...
Results? Not much! Some Championships of Croatia in various disciplines. Here is one photo to support this!
This one was taken during downhill training in Austrija (1988)

After early retirement (army and university) I was transfered to trainers. During 1995/96 I was one of trainers of Croatian Junior Team. I used to train Ivica i Janica Kostelic. And they will be top of World Ski Cup in a few years (or maybe earlier!)
There they are:
Ivica Kostelic (Cro) Janica Kostelic (Cro)
Enough with skiing!
I like to watch sports on TV and at stadium! Specialy sports over Atlantic ocean!
NBA, NHL and NFL. My favorites are Chicago Bulls (because Michael Jordan and Toni Kukoc), Anaheim Mighty Ducks (They have absolutly best amblem and name). In football I have no favorites because here in Croatia, we can watch only Superbowl (if I don't steal something from satelitte).

Want to learn somithig about sports in Croatia?

Anything else? E-Mail it, and you'll get it!