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Others interests

First of all

Summer is my shortest but sweetest hobby. It takes only two months of my year... At least it use to. This summer is probably last one that long. Unfortunatly I have to get a job, and than Good By long summers! But that's why I'm gonna make this one almost four (4) months long!
I have house on island of Losinj where I spend all of my summer vacations. Whole house on my disposal. So my girlfriend always take some of her friends. Full house of beautifull girls! We do everything one should during summer vacation on seashore. Swiming, partying, geting tan, etc.

Specialy I like to dive!

First I take my underwater camera...
Then I shoot with other means... To get enough food...
For my ladies!

Also I like to work in my garden! Sometimes I cut too much!

Somewhere in September (probably October) you will see pictures from this year's summer vacations. Patience!