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Last Chance for the Lynx: The North American Lynx has much in common with Nepal's legendary Snow Leopard. Both cats sport ashen coats, have snowshoe paws, and have been wiped out of much of their range.

The Missing Lynx: It is said only between 30-60 indivduals still survive in this Macedonian national park, one of only three fragmented habitats

The Iberian Lynx is Vanishing!: The Spanish lynx has gradually been disappearing from the Portuguese landscape during recent years.

"Exactly when the story of the cats began depends on what qualifies as a cat, which is controversial. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that early cats lived in forests, where fossils rarely form, and there are few remains of the middle ear bones that distinguish Carnivore families from each other."
-- Chapter Two: Sharpening the Tooth page 43

Croatian Lynx Vanished! All of you who still can encounter Lynx in your country fight for it's survival!