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Man behind the nick Lynx

Name: Vedran Hitrec

Date of birth: 22.03.1970.
I live in: Zagreb, Croatia, Europe
Title:University deegree of engineering
Status: Part time job, single, no kids.
Current preocupations: Preparing for Management study on University of Economics in Zagreb, learning HTML and Java Scripts (HELP!), learning German/Deutch and my hobbies.


Height:186cm (Will someone transfer that in ft.?)
Weigh:90kg (Soryy, but will someone transfer that in ... whatever!)
Hair and eyes: Both blue, that's I put this two together!
What else? Shue number? Vices? Bank account? You name it, E-mail it, and you'll get it!

One photo in the suit! (I HATE to wear suits!)

And one behind the glass!

And one with my new car!

Are you interested about news in my life?