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I like to do many things in my life. Even fishing!

Sometimes I feel like I need 48 hours per day to fullfil all things I want to do! I belive that I was very leisure human in my previous life, so in this one I have to pay for it. But let's cut small talks and see mj interest table, with links behind every picture witch will guide you in one small part of materials I'm colecting through years.

Check links behind pictures!

When I was going to school, I hated history. Now I'm paying that back. First I started to read about World War II, than WW I, than Croatian history,... all way back to Ancient Egypt and Sumerian Culture. My shelves are full with books of history of all kind. I'm sure I need years to read tham all. But... who knows, maybe I will have more time for that. Of course I'm making troubles to myself, 'cause I don't want to read book, but I want to learn all from it also. So I need about a month to read and learn one book. But, go on and check my history site for links, news, comentars, pictures etc.
Is there on the face of the Earth, guy who doesn't like sports? If you know one let me know so I'll contact him. I would like explanation how you can dislike sports. Here in Croatia sport is heavly mixed with politics, so... But hey! We'll talk about that on Sports page!
Yeah, yeah! I know! Drawing is for c.c.-s! How can I help myself? Surprisingly I kind aliked drawing back in school. Then on University... My God I hated that! Draw an screw, draw an valve, draw this and draw that! And than, over my summer holydays I started to draw the house where I was sleeping! Little by little I drew several drawings. Unfortunatly I possess only few originals. Well, I guess someone will jump of joy, when I become famous!
Doesn't every kid collect something. Usually it is stamps. I was of no difference! Back in good old school, kids used to exchange stamps. I had few full albums of stamps collecting dust on my shelves. Then few years ago, a rich uncle passed away. He left me his rich collection of stamps all arround the world. If you are interested in stamps at all please visit Stamps page!
When i was going to school...
No way! I won't start like this. I like to assemble plastic or wooden model kits of various kind. I had few aircrafts, but my mother "murdered" them by sweeping dust away! Now I guard my few models of tanks, ships and airplanes with my own life! Blow by blow dust will go! No need for sweeping!
Madre de Dios! I LOVE WOMEN! Is thare anything wrong? They are my "hobby" since ... You already know! I won't display pictures of women in my life, 'cause... You never know who will pass by! It would be somewhat strange to discover that your ex boyfriend or lover displayed your photo (or something much worse) on WWW. Don't you think so? But let's take look to this lovely photos!
Back in the school...bla,bla,bla.

I love to play computers games. Wish I have more time for that, but... Since I have 486 on 66MHz, I can forget playing any action game. So I like to play... Hey that's on Games page!

I like to travel. Most of my travels are kind of: go to bathroom, grab the geographical atlas, and ... (hm, I'll be polite). But there is some exeptions! I hope that it will be more of this exeptions!
On this page you will find all kind of stuff. I can't call that a hobby, but... Anyway! Maybe you will find something to laugh about.

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