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Why do I love read about history?

You probably think that I'm out of my mind to read and learn history as my hobby. Maybe you're right! It realy takes my time! But anyway I do that and I won't stop. No metter what you may say.
Reading history may help you to understand present and maybe, to foresee future. Someone said: "World history comes in cycles". If I cut that phylosophical tone, I may say: I simply enjoy history!

So let's see! (Of course, if you are intrested!)

For more details click on pictures, please!

Ancient Mesopotamia, craddle of Human civilization!
Imagining that culture of Mesopotamia existed over 5000 years ago is fascinating enough! First nations, states, cities, alphabet ... Just try to imagine what the World be like, if that culture survived till present day. Probably, humans would inhabit all star systems visible from the Earth. Take quick look!
Ancient Egypt
Wonders and beauties of Egypt, it's misteries and secrets always make me wonder: Was the Egyptians some special nation, maybe tought by exterrastrials? What kind of power drove tham to bild pyramides, themples and huge monuments? So many questions and so little answers! I took special interest in egyptology. Take quick look!
Ancient Greek
Spreading their culture all around Mediteran, ancient Greeks took great deal of developing cultures across Europe. Alexander the Great, Pitagora, Socrates, Herodotus, Plato, Arhimed ... so many great humans. Never before and after in history you can find so many of tham in so short time period.
Mighty Roman Empire "From one city to Empire that ruled the World". You can describe history of Rome in that sentence. Biggest Empire of all times. How they menaged to do that. Additionaly, there is rising of Christianity. Great military campaigns.
Travel to Rome in March 95 drove me back to history.
Great struggle
Trying to understand reasons for such a slaugter may lead you to avoid any kind of conflict in your life. You can see how little value had man's life. Politicians sacrified hundreds thousends humans to gain few miles of teritory. Horrifying period of human history.
Biggest war
Biggest war in human history. Last big one that mankind could remember. Next big one will leave no one to remember. So let's hope that Big One was Last One.
Little Croatia
But great history. Little nation like Croatians menaged to survive till present day! Amazing! Something like that couldn't achive Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans. Throughout centuries, very often on edge of extermination, this little nation played important rule in Europe's history.

If you have interest in any of this eras, or if you are in any kind of project, let me know! We can exchange data, pictures etc. Also if you learn something about that in school, contact me so we can discuss issue! Belive me, learning like that is much easier and much more fun.