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Let's start from beggining. (Hm, one should always start from here, but some people just refuse to do so! Let's leave them aside!) Back in school (oh, no not again!) actually before school, I used to draw very often. You really DON'T want to see that. My mother preserved all that "masterpieces" for future of mankind. All originals! What a treasure! That period of my work I like to call AVANGARDE! Who would like to see "avangarde" pictures? A assume none of you!

After that back in school and high school I evoluated to NAIVE period. Hm, I doubt that you would like to see that either! And most of these originals I left in school. Boy, it must be very good for building fire! Almost none of work was preserved from that period. Lucky you!

Than after high school I came to life crossroad. Should I apply for Art Academy or Engineering! Well, here in Croatia an artist is presumed a person with doubtfull moral and financial success! Poor painter in little attic room... and girls... they are only chasing boys with big cars or motocycles. I'll be an Engineer! Ha, what a mistake!

But since than I'm drawing for pleasure. That period is still active. It is a REALISTIC period. My tehnique is graphite, oil paints and pastels. I can't still locate few of my paintings with pastels and oil from time of air attacks during war! There wasn't anything to do, but paint! Can you belive that. There was war outside and I was painting! But that work vanished without a trace. Should we call for International Convention for Returning Arts?

Anyway, If you are still interesed in my arts (I started to do some sculpturs too!) you may proceed. Who knows, maybe you'll laugh to tears! If you aren't interested run like hell! Ready?