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May 1998 ~ Tall Ship Ale In Top Ten Canadian Breweries

Tall Ship Ale Company has been included on Stephen Beaumont's Top Ten list of Canada's Highest Rated Innovative Breweries, Published in "Wine Tidings" Magazine. The Quote ~ "Their No. 1 Barley Wine is well named; easily the best of its style in the country."

Here is a selected segment from the Vancouver Province Newspaper dated Sunday March 29, 1998. (This is an article regarding Keith's IPA coming into the B.C. Beer Market)

By Stuart Derdeyn
Beer Writer

B.C. BEERS IN TOP 10 In the latest issue of Wine Tidings Magazine, leading Canadian beer book author Stephen Beaumont rates the top 10 breweries in Canada.

Two B.C. breweries made Beaumont's list. Commercial Drive's Storm Brewing, whose seasonal Scotch Ale is wonderful, and Squamish's Tall Ship Brewing (sic) whose awesome IPA and great Barley Wine are both available in stores (sadly, the brewery no longer makes its equally excellent strong Ale.)

Congrats to both of these innovative local craft breweries for getting the nod.

Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale isn't true to the style. Nelson Brewing Company (Paddywack),
Tall Ship (IPA), Storm (Hurricane) and assorted brewpubs all brew excellent versions of the India Pale Ale style. Alongside these beers, Keith's bears no relation. Nova Scotia's most popular regional brew was likely true to the style when Alexander Keith's wears its IPA tag in name only. Keith's is drinkable beer, though. A light-gold ale with a well balanced malt aroma, flavor and long - if a tad metallic with a dry, hop finish, Keith's is a cut above many mainstream ales. But the blooming hop nose, flavor and finish that trumpet IPA are noticeably absent. Don't argue these finer points with anyone from Halifax, though, like British Columbians with Kokanee, they've had great times with Keith's - washing down lobster rolls, achieving monumental hangovers, kicking back at the local ceilidh and so on. Whether the brand achieves the same allegiance from BC beer drinkers remains to be seen. It probably will, though, by following a similar pattern to the one Sleeman's pursued when it was introduced to the local market. First, secure the Eastern expatriate customer base, then build a local following from there. Requests for the beer should grow steadily after that if everything goes right. For fun host an IPA taste test and compare samples of Keith's, Paddywack and
Tall Ship India Pale Ales.

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