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Well..congratulations...you have came to my newly renovated homepage... there is planned on being alot more stuff about Tupac Shakur...some better links to explain the Tupac "Alive or Dead" wich will argue the points of both sides.....There are some damn good poetry sites displayed here..A site that alows you to send Virtual Flowers to somone that you wanna say somthing to in a special way....an anonomouse emailer...and a way to surf the net with a false IP adress..and other stuff to come like pictures of myself!! Now.....to explain to you a little bit about myself.. im a 16 year old male...im 6 feet tall..i have dirty blond hair...hazzle eyes...and im 155lbs... i like to play basketball... work on my car(t-bird)..im turning it into a lowrider! BMX , Dirtbike, write poetry and chat in Alamak Chat so if you see me in there... say hi..ill either be in the Teens 11-15 cause alot of my friends from when i was 15 are still 15... or in the 16-19 room...Well..i was going to list my friends like i did the last time..but...you all know who you are...so...there is no need..aight...Well....thats enough about that....enjoy my page...and if you have any comments..email me..my adress is at the bottom of the Page...thank you..and Enjoy!!!

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  • 2Pac..All Eyes On Me
  • 2Pac..Me Against The Word
  • 2Pac..2Pacalypse Now
  • ThugLife..Vol. 1
  • Above The Rim..SndTrk
  • Gridlock'd..SndTrk
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg..DoggyStyle
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg..Doggfather
  • Murder Was The Case..SndTrk
  • Dogg Pound DPG..Dogg Food
  • Dr.Dre..The Chronic
  • WestSide Conections..BowDown
  • Bone Thugs N Harmony..E 199 Eternal
  • Bone Thugs N Harmony..Creepin On A Come Up
  • Meathod Man..Tical
  • Coolio..Gangsta's Paradise
  • Warren G..Regulate G funk era
  • EAZY-E..Eternal E
  • EAZY-E..Whats UP (Dr Dre) 187th Killa
  • Menace 2 Society..SndTrk
  • Thats all my Rap..and i have alot more stuff like
  • Bush..16 Stone
  • Bush Rasorblade Suitcase
  • Nirvana..all of them
  • Ozzy..Ozzmossis
  • Nativity In Black..Tribute to Black Sabath
  • Korn
  • Marilyn Manson..AntiChrist Superstar
  • well..thats basicaly all the respectable stuff.....

    Hey Guys, Lookin for a great way to get a chick? Well...Read over some of these Pick-Up lines. Some are rather Good!! ---!!!Pick Me Up!!!---
    well... Anonomous Emailer!!!

    http://www.angelfire.com/hi/taj/hashoil.html Do you have somthi8ng to say to somone...but you dont want them to know who its from...try the Anonomous email system....!!!

    Good stuff here...like chat room links..and fake emailer..and other stuff too
    A raly good chat room ..check it out..msg me...ill me Taj or ThugLife
    Alana's Way Cool Page
    National Computer Security Association
    A realy Sweet BMX Page, if you like BMX'in...go here!!!
    Dice's Domain...with picts of over half of the Alamak Chaters!!
    PumpkinGirls Page!!!
    Christina203's Page
    The Unoficial Tupac Page......its realy good..go here!!!
    HOTMAIL...easy free online email service
    Romeo & Juliet ...its SWEET!!!
    Got someone you wanna make feels special....send them a virtual flower!!!
    ABA ...A Good BMX Page
    Trek BMX...my sponcership !!!
    Good Tupac Page
    IM realy into poetry ..check this page out!!

    The Death Of Tupac is a mystary...and there will always be mixed emotions on the fact if he is alive or not....i will not state my opinion...but i will dedicate a spot on my page in his memory....Makaveli LP All Eyez On Me LP Tupac Amaru Shakur

    Tupac Shakur's life was cut short, way to short, he was an inovatore, a motivatore, and one true mother fuckin thug. Pac grew up in the the ghetto, his mother was in the black panther's society, and his father was sentanced to life in prison for atempted robbery of a amored car with a whole shit load of dollars in it! Tupac wasnt always such a bad ass nigga, he started off his life right, he was in theatre, doing well in school, till he was forced to move, he got hooked up with one of the local gangs and into dealing and using drugs. In 91 he released his first record, 2pacalypse Now, wich went Platinum, along with every other album that was released. Once he got started in the rap game, he had many problems with the police, but most of the treats at least, were from the east coast gangsta rapper, Biggie Small's, 2pac claimed that he fucked Fait(Biggies wife), she dennies all of the shit that Pac said, but still, who is right? Now if i was Biggie, id be pissed 2, somone fuckin with my bitch would piss me off, and he knew that with his fame, and power, he could corupt Shakur, and try to bring down death row reacords as well , the leading record company to this date... After the Tyson / Seldon fight, Shakure and Night were walkin back to there ride, pictures being flashed.. who knew that they would be the last taken, they got in ..and proceded to drive down the strip, at the first intersection, a white caddy drove up, rolled down a window, pionted a gun, and shot Pac several times, wich later colapsed both his lungs. Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead, his life was cut short by a hand on a trigga, the person that shot him was one fucked up nigger. Now he is gone, he will be missed by all, and just recently i sat down and thought about all this "is he still alive" kinda bullshit, and it came to be...he isnt, sure, there is the Makaveli, all the numeralogical coincedices, and alot of other shit, but in a qoute from 2pac himslef that i will live by for the rest of my life A COWARD DIES A THOUSAND DEATHS...A SOLDIER DIES BUT ONE.

    Here are some Sweet 2Pac picturs, check em out!

    Tupac 1
    Tupac 2
    Tupac 3
    Tupac 4
    Tupac 5
    Tupac 6
    Tupac 7
    Tupac 8

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