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Sue St. Louis

OK... About me... My birthday is March 18, 1982. I have a mom; Nan, and a dad; Gaston, My oldest brother is Stephen(25), my youngest brother is Reuben(19), and I have a sister Johanne(23). I attended St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School, in Clinton,Ontario. I love school, especially English, history, and Drama. I am proud to say that I have been taught by some of the best teachers, I have ever seen.

I am involved in sport. I play Basketball, Squash, Golf, but Women's Hockey is the ultimate sport in the world. I played the past season with the Scarborough Sting of the National Women's Hockey League and this year I am proud to say that I am a Stinger at Concordia University.

Other than hockey I love to listen to music. I like any type of music, from I Mother Earth, to Alanis Morrisette, to Melanie Doane, to the Sarah McLachlan. Anything new or old is great. As long as it's art I am bound to like it.

I have traveled to, England, Scotland, New York, Vancouver, Seattle, and Virginia Beach. Also Quebec several times.

Some of my favourite things are:

My Favorite Things
Sports: hockey, basketball, golf, squash, tennis
Athletes: France St. Louis / Amy Van Dyken
Professional Team: Edmonton Oilers
Professional Player: Jason Arnott
Food: Pasta / Chocolate chip cookies
Beverage: Kool Aid / Mike's Hard Lemonade
Place Visited: Seattle
Past Time: Movies / Hockey
Actress: Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Shue, Drew Barrymore
Actor: Nicholas Cage
Television Show: Rosie O'Donnell / The Practise / Once and Again
Musician: Savage Garden/Goo Goo Dolls/ Sarah McLachlan

"We are not here to see through each other we are here to see eachother through"

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