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PYPS stands for Presbyterian Young Peoples Society. It is a camp held on particular weekends of the year. It is for Young People age 14-24. PYPS is so much fun. May Camp(May 24 weekend), and Labour Day Camp(Labour Day weekend) are held at Camp Kintail. Camp Kintail is in to Village of Kintail. Kintail is so small that it will not be on the map, so if you look for Goderich than your pretty close. Goderich is about 25 minutes from Camp Kintail. PYPS has other weekends and events in the year. There is Fall Rally, Christmas Formal, Winter Camp, and Leadership Camp. They are all held at various churches in South Western Ontario. PYPS is a great place to meet new people, and perhaps even your soul mate. Some of my friend's from PYPS are: Lauren Castle, Stephanie, Jamie, Michelle, and Theresa McDonald, Jill Wood, Matt Hopkins, Ben Hazlett, Peter Houghton, Sarah and Emma Reilly, and Jenn Geddes and there are a bunch that I have forgotten, sorry if I forgot you. Tell me and I put you in. If you want further information about up coming events don't hesitate to e-mail me, or Lauren Castle. soon to be Vice-Convenor

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