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Sue's Home Page

Last updated April 16, 2000.

Welcome to,

Sue's Homepage

This picture is my most prized posession. It is from the 1999 Esso Women's Nationals, and it is the first time that I met my cousin France St. Louis(left).

Everything from My friends, to Women's Hockey.

Hey everyone finally a web page from Sue. Well, sort of! This page will eventually contain, everything and anything that I am affiliated with in some six degrees of separation. From Hockey, to friends, to PYPS stuff. I just found out how to put pitures on my web page so stay tuned. Please bare with me while I get this up and running. This is going to take me an extremely long time to create since I have absolutly no creativity what so ever and have absolutly no idea how to use html coding. I guess I'll learn along the way though. You can contact me if you have any suggestions at:


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