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Women's Hockey

Women's Hockey to me is the ultimate excitement. I find that watching female's playing a "MALE" sport is really encouraging. It show's that it doesn't matter how it was in the past it is how it is now that matters. I really like Women's Hockey and think that everyone should watch just one game. Give it a chance and you'll be hooked. It not a bunch of prissy little girls out on the ice. The girls that play hockey are just as tough, rough, and rude as the guys that play it. Just because girls don't drop their gloves at the first chance doesn't mean that they don't fight, or swear, or play dirty. Girls have just as many chances to fight and hit as boys. They would just rather play the game then distroy the game. If you want more information about Women's hockey, there are books and websites available to you. I recommend the book "Too Many Men on the Ice" by Joanna Avery and Julie Stevens. In Canada call 1 800 667 1251, and in the USA call 1 800 929 2159. Also for more information you can subscribe to the first women's hockey magazine "Hipcheck" by sending $15cdn (CDN residents), $12.50us (US residents), or $20us(overseas), to Hipcheck, 679 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 3A9. Along with your name, full postal address including country, your telephone number and Signature. Hipcheck is a great magazine for the hockey lover, It is full of intresting articles about different players thoughout the world. It also has information about hockey schools, equipement, tournaments, and it is filled with great pictures and tips for your game. Check out the Women's Hockey Page.
Women's Hockey Page

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