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Youth With A Mission (YWAM) outreach stories

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is sending outreach teams all over the world. This web site features some of the best outreach stories from those teams. Read them and enjoy.

Every year over 30,000 people participate in YWAM short-term outreaches. Discipleship Training Schools (five month missions training courses), King's Kids (Christian training and outreach for children and teens), Schools of Evangelism, Mercy Ships (Ships with medical relief teams, etc.) and other YWAM groups send short-term outreach teams all over the world to spread the good news about the forgiveness of Christ. There are also thousands of YWAM workers who work full-time on the mission field, reaching out to the lost.

Outreach stories - Testmonies of God's faithfulness
The stories from these outreaches read like a veritable book of Acts; they are great testimonies of God's faithfulness. It is interesting to see how God works in so many different ways through different people. This web site contains various YWAM outreach stories (most fairly recent and unpublished) which you should enjoy. Feel free to read them for your enjoyment, inspiration, and to use as illustrations for teaching.

Outreach Stories Site -Amazing Stories
The stories will be posted at this web site to hopefully inspire people to get involved in missions, encourage many who are and teach through the experiences of others.

Outreach stories needed!
If you have a good YWAM outreach story, be sure to send it in! It will be added to this growing web site. Stories about miracles, prayer, intercession, evangelism, travel adventures, humorous events, dramatic events, touching stories, etc., are all needed. Click on the appropriate link below to get more detailed instructions on the submission of stories.

Join the adventure!
If you are looking to get involved in short-term missions, click on YWAM links for more information on YWAM and opportunities provided. You can be a part of the great waves of young people that are presently sweeping across the continents to spread the good news of the gospel.

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