What IS SouthPark ?

What IS SouthPark ?

"F*cked if I know"

What Is SouthPark??
Southpark is a rather twisted and disturbed cartoon , but hey ! It's really funny - some people think it's shit and hey thats their opinion not mine , and has probably the best characters in it ever Southpark is a small town in the Colorado Rockeis somewhere . In this town will turn up vicious beasts , aliens that like to anal probe fat kiddies , Super heroes , Talking poo , Evil Santas and many more strange things .
The main characters in SouthPark are = Kenny , Cartman , Stan , Kyle , Chef , and Wendy .
Read the characters basic profiles below =

Kenny = Is known for never knowing what he says . He has an orange jacket that covers most of his face , and mouth - that's why you can't understand what he says - he seems to be quite a sick little pervert , by what the other kids say - but he's bloody cool . Kenny's family are poor , but....hehe , oh well - like he cares . If you go to Mr Hats Hell-Hole you will find a page of " What Kenny Says " This is where you can find out what this kenny really says !
In every episode of SouthPark - well , apart from the occasional few , Kenny dies a gruesome death , yum. I reckon Kenny Kicks @ss ! Here's a pic of Kenny below :

Cartman = Is a fat slob of a kid that likes to piss people off . He's probably the funniest of them all . His favourite food is the good ole' cheesey puff . His mum always gets him what he wants , or he throws a psyche ! But , really , don't get me wrong here , cartman is soooo damn cool he's my favourite character !! Cartmans real name is Eric Cartman , but people just call him cartman . You never really see much of cartmans Dad . No-one really knows who his dad is . - I think tits his mum - really really long story .

Stan = This guy is like the leader of the group . He always has the cool ideas , and isn't too mean to anyone , well apart from Pip . He owns a gay homosexual dog called Sparky . Stan is the only one of the guys with a girlfriend . Her name is Wendy . But every time Wendy speaks to Stan , he throws up ! What a romantic !! Stan has accidentally killed Kenny heapsa times . Stans line in every episode is usually "YOU BASTARD !" , after Kyle has said " OH MY GOD, HE/SHE/DEATH THEY KILLED KENNY!" Here's a pic br>

Kyle = Kyles a wee jeiwsh guy , he's pretty funny . He has little bro cakked Ike . His parents are pretty strict , and his mum is the worst gossip in SouthPark.
Kyle wears a stoopid green hat that covers his ears .

Chef = This is the school cook . Chef always wears his cooking hat , and has an obsession with "Making Love". - and he likes to sing about it heaps.
Chef loves to sing aswell . All the boys go to Chef when they need help , cos he always knows what to say . Chef is a fat , black , singing guy . He loves to chat up the ladies.

Wendy = Is Stans girlfriend , she's very protective of her little stanny boy and no girl is gonna steal him away!! Wendy is the only girl that really appears alot on southpark - that's just not good enough!! :- Wendy wants to kiss stan , but stan always finds a way out , he'll either throw-up , run away , or scream/faint . Here's a pic below :

Wendy is the girl behind cartman on the right

SouthPark is supposedly somewhere in the Colorado Rockies , stan , kyle , cartman and kenny are all 3rd graders ( 8 year olds ) .
SouthPark was started when Trey Parker was asked to create a video christmas card and he and Matt Stone came up with " the Spirit Of Christmas " , the very fist southpark adventure !!


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