The SouthPark PitStop Sound-Wav Gallery!

Here are some sounds from the episode " Cartman Gets An Anal Probe"
Im not fat , I'm bigboned!!
Somebody's baking brownies!
Yeah I want Cheesy-Poofs
Are you sure your flaming gas is under control?
I don't wanna talk o Mr Hat
No Kitty this is My pot-pie
Screw you guys , I'm going home
Holy Crap!!
Alien and cow have a mooing competition
Cartman , there's an 80 foot satellitle dish stickin' outta your ass!
Stan wants to kiss Wendy!
Cartmans mom gives him a snack
HAHA , Mr Hat yelled at you!

Is your Dad an alchoholic too Starvin' Marvin?
That's a bad starvin marvin!
Shut-up Buttpipe!
Yeah I want cheesy-poofs
This is out ethernopian
We're lookin' for an ethernopian
Oh my god! They killed Kenny!
We found an ethernopian , can we keep it?
Someday you may be poor and homeless

people have listened to these kewl sounds , kick ass dude!!

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