SouthPark News

We interrupt this web page to bring you this news breaking bulletin . I have found out WHO CARTMANS FATHER IS , I repeat , I even have a picture of him!! you may be thinking ..... "Ha! Bull , could SHE get a pic of him??" Well..........hehehe , I HAVE ONE . You will finally see who cartmans pa is . Well , that was easy wasn't it?

You may get rather p!ssed off because I bet that you were not expecting cartmans father to be *** So don't blame me . I merely begged a pleaded with a friend of mine to give it to me to scan on here You will finally know the secret do realise that the thrill of finding out who cartmans dad is lies just with the click of an email button . You are emailing me at your own risk !!
OK , well me........IF YOU DARE!!


Next part of the news IS that i also know what kenny says in the theme song!! yep , i sure do . I actually have quite a few similar ones because i have found so many !! if you wanna know , email me !!

Even MORE news is that the creators of southpark have been offered 15 million dollars ($US) to make sure that southpark is here to stay !! woooohooooo!!!