My Massive SouthPark Character List

Welcome to my MASSIVE character list . I can guarantee that i have nearly EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER that is on southpark . If i have missed and please tell me by emailing me !!
Have a look at the list below!!

Stan - the leader of the gang
Cartman - a regular old fatass - no ....sorry....he's jusy bigboned!!
Kyle - a jewish kid , kinda funny
Kenny - the unfortunate wee guy who you can't hear what he says and dies in almost every episode!
Chef - a black guy that loves to sing his good ole' lurve songs!!
Starvin' Marvin - a kid that stan and the gang adopted while trying to get a sports watch.......long story
Fluffy - cartmans pot-bellied pig , that in one episode makes lurve to an elephant
Jimbo - He loves to shoot stuff and is stans uncle
Ike - Kyles wee bro.
Mr Garrison - the school teacher who has a puppet and people think he's gay
Mr Hat - Mr Garrisons puppet , who is pretty damn evil
Mrs Cartman - Was once on the cover of crack whore magazine ,,,,she's cartmans mom
Pip - a poncy english kid who is always getting hassled
Damien - The devils son , ho came to visit southpark
Big Gay Al - a gay guy that looked after gay animals ( he looked after sparky once )
Kyles Mom - according to everyone kyles mom is a bitch . She gossips and stuff too
Officer Barbrady - The SouthPark police officer
ScuzzleButt - A monster that has Patrick Duffy as a leg , and an arm of brocolli
Terrance and Phillip - Two tv characters that stan and them watch , these two are addicted to farts!!
Shelly - Is stans sister , she can beat stan up , she has this brace onher teeth that make a slurping moise
Wendy - Is stans girlfriend
Death - Death comes to southpark to kill kenny
The 5 assed monkey - A mutant that was made by the professor , that is (duh) a monkey with 5 asses of course!!
Kitty - Cartman's cat that is known for stealing his pot-pie ( I love this cat )
Stan's Grandpa - stans gramps , he keeps trying to get stan (gramps calls him Billy) to kill him
Mr Hanky - a dancing christmas poo
Miss Ellen - a substitute teacher that comes to southpark - of course she turns out to be a phsyco
FiFi - a poodle that is used to try and get sparky to not be gay
Jesus - well.....yeah , it's Jesus . He has his own show and gets people to ring in with their questions
Carl - Is one of Jimbo's friends
John Stamulches Older Brother - comes to sing "loving you" at the cows game
Ned - the guy who starts singing the theme song ( with the banjo )
The Middle Park Cowboys - a football team who comes to play the southpark cows!!
Riikay - The Middle Park CowBoys Mascot that in the end gets blown up by someone singing a high F
Cows - the boys play in this team , their coach is chef , they are southparks football team
Frank - One of the two football commentators
Aliens - The Aliens that give cartman an anal-probe
Evil Stab - An Evil Version of Stan that rampages around southpark
Mad Thanks Giving Turkeys - An evil band of turkeys that kill kenny atthanks giving !!
BunnyFish - a fish with bunny ears!!
Principal Victoria - the School Principal , she has glasses , and frizzy blonde hair
Ms Crabtree - The Lady who drives the school bus , she is old and has many endangered species living in her hair , shes pretty damn scary !!
Mayor - The Mayor OfSouthPark , always up to some shananagins (cough cough) with officer barbrady , a rather disturbing woman , ........with green hair
Bob Saget - Made a special visit on SouthPark
Bebe - A blonde girl that is in stan's class , she's ok , betterthan Wendy!!
Archaelogist - Helped the children when they were on a school trip to find thattriangle thingee
BeardCheeseChalk - Some weird thing that the Mad Scientist Guy made
Barbara Streisand - Made a special visit on SouthPark - she turned into a monster and tore up southpark because she wanted that triangle thingee
Cheif - Was a suspect of being Cartmans Father , but we all know that Cartmans Dad is .........
Doctor - This guy is ok , he helped try to fix everyone when they had pink eye - they were turning into zombies
Jay Leno - Made a special visit on SouthPark
Brown/Black Cow - Made an appearance in Cartmans Gets An Anal Probe episode . - well ...yeah , they're cows ...moooooooooooo
Iraqui Soldier - A guy who comes to get Ms Ellen - Wendy surprises us all in this episode (MsEllen) when she speaks Iraqui
Jap Singer - Comes in to make sound effects for stuff "Man .....Tan ........REIIIIIIII"
Kathie Lee Gifford - Mr Garrison tries to kill this lady ,,,,,,well actually , MR HAT TRIES TO KILL HER
Leonard Maltin - Made a special visit on SouthPark
Mad Scientist - A scientist who spends all ay making weird crap
Mecha Streisand - What Barbara Streisand turns into
Mortician - well , yeah , he's a mortician
Richard Stamos - Made a special visit on SouthPark
Robert Smith - Made a special visit on SouthPark
Sally Struthers - Made a special visit on SouthPark
Santa - Made a special visit on SouthPark
School Counsellor - A skinny old guy that looks like a bird thing , he's the school counsellor
Visitor - An alien that comes to take over southpark , and gives cartman an anal-probe
Oliver , Sydney , Whitney and Carlos - some of the animals at big gay als big gay animal sanctuary

E-mail me if I missed one!!