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Well, this is the Homebuilt Aircraft Page. You will see magnificient flying machines, meet their designers, builders and fliers in this page. I have two friends here in Turkiye who have designed, built and now are flying their own homebuilts for years. There are also two people who have started to build a Lancair 320 and a three place Cozy. I will also try to add their stories and pictures of these flying machines. Also you will find some info about the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) and OSHKOSH ; the world's largest aviation convention.

a magnificient flying machine. Cozy IV

yet another magnificient flying machine. KR-2

Restored Piper L21 & L18's in Ankara BURAK SPORTIF HAVACILIK KULUBU

Fisher Koala

Rand Robinson KR-2

These two "failed" aircrafts suffered from heavy weight and lack of total commitment respectively.

My Favorite Homebuilts

Yavuz Žiray's Homebuilt airplane
Yusuf Kahveciošlu's Homebuilt airplane
Oshkosh 95 & 97 Pictures (1)
Oshkosh 95 & 97 Pictures (2)
Oshkosh 95 & 97 Pictures (3)
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