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Sherre's Place

My name is Sherre,I am from Kentucky,I am a Single Mother of three children.Joel,Crystal and Chazz.I am a Leo, born on 8/14/68.. Which mean's I am 33 yrs old have blond hair and brown eyes I'm 5 ft 3 , 145lbs..I LIVE FOR MONDAY NIGHT's.OHHHH how do I love STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.I love children,so you will find many link's on my Page about them,please take your time to check them out,We must all do our part to help save the children.So,I hope you enjoy Your stay at my page,And please dont forget to sign my guessbook...So I know you was here....It is on the bottom of this page..And dont forget to add your link To my page.Please dont take my backgrounds,Ask me first... have fun and God Bless..Please dont forget to stop by my childern's homepage's.They would love to have you(Please Note)I make every effort to credit the grapics...used on my pages I am (NOT) the ~Artist~of (ANY)If you are the ~Artist~Or know who is,Please let me know so I may give them ~Credit~For there Wounderful work..Thank You in the event you see something that I did not credit,Please let me know so I can either remove it or give credit.

The beautiful art on this page is used with permission of Corey Wolfe.

Please do not use this without his permission.You may visit Corey Wolfe's site if you would like to see some more Wounderful art..


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