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Hovercraft development  - composite / sandwich constructions
252 Industrial Drive #4
78578 - Port Isabel - TX
Tel.: (956) - 9435150


Suppliers and Materials

This page is a mixture of what is possible and available .... what is affordable ...
but last not least links to some suppliers we use !

Resin and Fiberglass cloth

 United Resin
 System 3 - the workhorse resin
 A lot of Products
 West System 
 CIBA - not for startup
 Some more resins
My personal opinion : "System three" has a perfect reasonable workhorse for most areas - for high stress applications "United Resin" has the big variety of resins ! But if you feel confident mix it from scratch with "Cibas" resins - you need a helpful distributor to get to the perfect mix!
Please read the info on  composite - epoxy for more help!

On Fiberglass cloth - take your local distributor for high end fibers!

Honeycomb materials

 Core materials 
 Great stuff 
 Composite Materials 
My personal opinion :" Nida - core " is one of the best products - no rot , positive flotation and in case of puncture it is self-contained .... just the price leaves a hard decision compared to other core materials which you can find at your local supplier for half the price !

The horsepower

 Engine source 
 Engine source 
You have the choice !

Props and Fans

 Used stuff 
 Good resource 


Sign in please

The small Parts

 High quality stuff
 Fisco - my favorite place
 Vetus Marine


Nothing is nicer than having your craft finally on the way and getting all the goodies
which make the ride more pleasant... since it is a never ending story and the supplier list is nearly endless - hover over to one of the sits which are specialized in links to marine stuff!

why marine stuff ... everything else will just not work over the long run!
If it is your radio, VHF, or GPS - your environment is harsh! 
 Johns Place - you will love it!

To all Suppliers :

If we didn't mention you, so we really feel sorry, and hope you tell us how much we forgot!
Please send us a short message  and we are happy to mention you on this page !

Thank you for your patience
Michael Dolezal



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