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Welcome to Organizations and Regulations

You will find Hover clubs, clubs and organizations  in your neighborhood to get first information on events as well as local regulations for the Hovercraft sport.
Most of the time you will find useful connections to insurance agencies for your craft, other Hovercraft interested persons and publications on construction and safety in hovering.
On this page we will link to all known Hover clubs. Feel free to give them a call or mail to get membership, as well as links to web rings where you will find other Hovercraft related web pages with tons of info.
The regulations are for commercial craft - mostly sorted on a country basis. Commercial Hovercraft regulations are a mix of several maritime and aviation regulations.


Hovercraft Organisations and Contacts

 Hover Club of America
 Hovercraft Club of Canada
 British Hovercraft Club
  Australian Hovercraft Fed.
 Hoverclub of Sweden
 International Contacts
 Hoverclub DE 
 New Zealand's club!


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Hovercraft Museum

 UK Hover craft museum

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