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Welcome to the Hovercraft models -

In this page we want to collect technical information from companies as well as from designer on different Hovercraft models. Soon we will add the Hovercraft locator - please be patient.
Amphibious craft, have no standard technical outline like you will find for air boats, ATV (cars) or personal water craft, which makes it very hard for an interested person to compare two craft with each other.
If you use your Hovercraft as an ATV you do not need to look for big amounts of flotation. If the future purpose is closer to an air boat or personal water craft you want enough flotation to hold yourself and the craft afloat. 
Racing craft require different equipment than cruising craft. 
We try to get from designer as well as from builder  technical data sheets with some images from the craft. 
All Hovercraft producing companies are welcome to add info of  their craft - long as it is really information and not plain advertisement.

Sub - categories :
 Hovercraft locator - see if a Hovercraft owner is in your neighborhood!
 Hovercraft ALPHA-I 2 Person recreational Hovercraft
 Hovercraft Hoverflyer up to 5 Person recreational Hovercraft
 Hovercraft Mustang 6 Person commercial Hovercraft
 Hovercraft Ranger 15 Person commercial Hovercraft 


Some Ideas

The best ideas we can find in all the already existing models out there so take a few minuets and see what is already working well on some commercial and private models

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