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Sarah's List of Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework

I was not always the best student, very often I didn't do my homework and I was running out of excuses so Evelyn (hi!) and I started to make up more excuses. Now days we do our homework most of the time but it always helps to have this list. Some of these excuses work. Some don't. See for yourself!! (Don't get into too much trouble)

WARNING: If any teacher gets hold of this list or sees this list then you will have to do your homework for the rest of your school years so be VERY careful. Do not leave this list in classrooms, near parents or on school computers or anywhere they would look. Each excuse can be used once, maybe twice on each teacher.

  1. I left it at home.
  2. I left it at school overnight so I couldn't do it.
  3. I was reading it on the way home and the wind blew it away.
  4. It was in my pocket and mum/cleaning lady washed my uniform.
  5. My brother/sister/friend made it into a paper aeroplane and it landed on the roof.
  6. My mum/dad/brother/sister thought it was rubbish.
  7. My brother/sister took it to show someone.
  8. I mistook it for a letter and sent/emailed it overseas.
  9. I sent it to a radio/TV station so they could do it for me on the air but they didn't send it back.
  10. The sink was full of water and it fell in.
  11. It fell in the kitty litter and the cat came along.
  12. The dog/cat/hamster/bird/fish ate it.
  13. I got mugged on the way home.
  14. Aliens took it as a sample of human handwriting.
  15. It's here somewhere, I can't find it right now.(Be searching through desks and folders and bags.)
  16. What homework?
  17. I fed it to the pet/baby/one of those plants that can eat anything.
  18. It must have fallen out of my folder/bag.
  19. It's in my locker and the key's at home/in the locker.
  20. I thought it was due tomorrow/next week.
  21. I swapped bags/folders and I must have left it in the other one.
  22. It flew out the car window.
  23. I was too busy to do it.
  24. The FBI/Federal Police needed it for vital evidence.
  25. I didn't feel like doing it.
  26. The computer exploded.
  27. Someone told me there was no homework.
  28. It spontaneously combusted and vaporised.
  29. My brother/father/sister/mother need paper.
  30. Coffe/tea/tomato sauce/oil spilt all over it.
  31. It blew up and busted in my face.
  32. Paint got splattered all over it.
  33. We had to light the fire.
  34. It was put in the paper shredder by accident.
  35. The baby tore it up.
  36. It was used as a rag.
  37. My sibling's friend showed me how he could eat paper.
  38. You (the teacher) left it here after I gave it in last lesson and another teacher threw it out by accident.
  39. My mother peeled vegetables/changed the baby over it.
  40. I lent it to my friend and he/she lost it.

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