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Romeo + Juliet Poems

Romeo + Juliet Related Poems


mourning, sleeping, marrying, dancing, partying, flirting, crying, weeping, disobeying, seeing, drinking, killing, waking

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo.


dancing and partying all night,
flirting with Romeo
marrying Romeo at the Church
mourning and weeping over Tybaltís death and Romeoís banishment
sleeping with Romeo on their wedding night
disobeying her father when he told her she was to marry Paris
drinking the potion Friar Lawrence gave to her so she will not have to marry Paris
waking and seeing Romeo dead with poison and his dagger by his side
killing herself with Romeoís dagger so they will together in heaven
O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo
---B (Juliet Montague)

O Romeo I love you so
I shall never let you go
How can I hate such a beautiful face
No one could ever take your place
not even Paris
Our love history shall always cherish
I cry more for you than a thousand kinsmen
And pray for forgiveness to heaven
I would rather die than be untrue
And most of all Romeo
I will always love you


When thy eyes touched mine
for the very first time
I knew it would be forever
That we were meant to stay together
And I had to keep my faith
Because my only love sprung from my only hate

For thou I was lying here
In this cold and dark place
Thy voice I was supposed to hear
But our dream became our disgrace
Why could not thou wait for a little while?
For I would wake up and smile

I can not stop my tears now
As my eyes try not to see thee
Oh, love could not be more wise to me!
With thy dagger I make a vow:
By taking this breaf life
I shall always be thy hopeless wife.
---Melissa C Elizabeth Sim Pena a.k.a Miyu


Looking Disheveled in the bedroom mirror
Wearing the same white, cotton robe as that day.
The Bed: empty except for the wrinkled sheets
That have been touched by ANGRY HANDS too many times before.

Eyeliner smudged with tears.
Your picture decked with lip shaped lipstick stains.
Locks of your Beautiful, brown hair lay on my dresser
Dancing to the wind,
Dancing to me.

The oak tree outside grows,
Wrapping its Roots around your four chambered Heart.
My mind lays itself out before me;
An eternal journey through confusion; through Despair.

The cliff stands out on its own, strong and high,
Yet Sheds a few pieces of its Soul everyday
Which is forever Lost inside that ocean
Of deep Secrets.

Why can't I be this cliff?
I long to have my heart breathing your blood, your life.
I long to have these roots envelop me so that I may
Be one world closer to you.

Flowers, flowers!
They aren't enough to honour you.

Walking seems like a hazy nightmare-
Half drunk from experiencing the pain of your death;
Half sober from the reality of it.

Looking disheveled in the bedroom mirror.
Broken glass fall in-between the crevices of my robe,
The Floor, and my hands.

My thirsty ears play tricks on me.
Your voice,
In the lambada of the trees,
In the silence of my heart.

Now, my robe, bright red
Lies next to your wedding suit.
Picture in my hand,
I become one with the deep blue nothingness of the ocean.

Suffering from withdrawal,
I hold you in my arms.
One we are again.

--- Elizabeth Sim Pena a.k.a Miyu