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Gita    Life    Success    Achivement    Happiness

Collection from various sources.

The mind is unstable, difficult to hold and obstinate indeed: yet, it can be controlled with the strength of commitment and disspassion. (Geeta Ch. 6.35)

The secret of life is to succeed without desiring success and thus allow the Supreme Intelligence to function through us. (Geeta Ch. 15.20)

The kind of faith that we have determines the kind of life, and the result we attain in life. (Geeta Ch. 17.2)

Tension-free alertness without (projected) past regrets or future anxieties is the way of the wise that effortlessly leads to success. (Geeta Ch. 18.54)

Wherever the abilities of Arjuna and the inspiration of Bhagawan Sree Krishna come together, wisdom is guaranteed.(Geeta Ch. 18.78)

Giving up all preoccupations and remembering Me, you shall attain the ultimate success in life. (Geeta Ch. 18.66)



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Life is full of waves. Pain and pleasure, gain and loss, conquest and defeat must buffet the waters of life. Otherwise, it is complete stagnation. It is death

Tastes differ as men differ and their views must neccessarily differ.

In life to handle yourself, use your head, but to handle others, use your heart


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Success is not something to wait for IT'S SOMETHING TO WORK FOR

You are successful and creative only when you see an opportunity in every difficulty.

Remember that all success comes at a price.

Success only comes before work in dictionary.

Earn success based on service to the others, not at the expense of others.

Remember the ABC's of success: Ability, Breaks, Courage.

Remember the 3 D's of success: Devotion, Dedication, Determination.


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Dream what you dare to dream, Go where you want to go, Be what you want to be.

You don't know what you can do until you try.

Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained.

People will remember what you achieve, not what you promised to achieve.

When you have achieved your goal, satisfaction will be your reward.

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Remember one minute on anger denies you of sixty seconds of happiness.

You don't find happiness you create it.

Happiness comes from enjoying the small daily things of life.

Don't worry, Be happy.

Recipe of happiness is, little of this happiness, pinch of that happiness, more of that happiness, mix all ingradiants with lots of happiness.

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