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Luau-rama - June 5, 1999 @ Spencer Beach Park

        Saddle Road near Waikii

All bow down...

Hacker elite...lover of all that is sweet & fizzy...C++ addict...inventor of the NinjaPhoneŽ...future hentai star (?)

yep, that describes Feda in 50 words or less. Gimme an hour and I'll tell you enough to pique the curiosity of the FBI (as if they don't already have an X-file established on the little squirt!). My friend in cyberspace and in real life since the summer of '96, I've been trying to keep his delinquent butt out of felonious activities ever since we first met. Ah yes...August '96, those long gone days when I had to teach him about IRC - egad! If you run into this brilliant little creature named Feda in #RaevynzLair say hello!

A sampling of his artwork...


Waikoloa, HI - August 13, 1997.

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