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Sage Town in Scottsboro, Alabama

Welcome to the only web page in Rainsville, Alabama that has no business, civic, or social responsilbility. Have you wanted a utility program to do some small function on your computer that you haven't been able to find. Send me an email at with your suggestion and I will give it a try. There is no charge for this and no guarantees.

Mickey the wonder dog

Libertarian Party

A real third party alternative for people who really care about freedom and smaller government.

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Waterfalls in Northeast Alabama

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Guide to Rainsville on the Gates 96 web site
The "Official" Rainsville web page
The Tider Insider, inside info on Alabama Crimson Tide football
Nonags, place to get absolutely free software
Radio Days, sound clips from old radio programs
Sonicnet, music news and streaming music
WGST radio, news-talk in Atlanta, GA
Suck, internet commentary
Libertarian Party home page
The Daily Outrage, chronicles outrageous events in today's world
New York Times
KPIG radio, they play good music from many genres
Coast to Coast AM, UFO's,conspiracies, and weird stuff
Creative Loafing, weekly in Atlanta, GA
The Foundation for Electronic Education
Electronic Newsstand
Neal Boortz home page, Libertarian talk, humor, and BS.

Refugee Radio, streaming internet radio of my picks(sort of)
Some interesting quotes mostly from the Daily Outrage page.

The refugee cabin in Rainsville, Alabama

This page is a place where I just put pictures of the beautiful area of northern Alabama I am now living in and whatever else I feel like putting in at the time.

Please help me with ideas for this site. If you email me pictures I will give you credit if I use them.


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