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Welcome to my automotive page. I am an automotive enthusiast. This is my car, a 2011 2SS/RSS Camaro. It is an LS3, MN6 that I bought on January 19, 2012 with 10,077 miles on it..

I added matte black racing stripes (GM factory), Hockey stick stripes, nose blackout rally style stripes and an AirAid Cold Air system. It comes stock with 426 hp and 420 ft lbs of torque. I believe it is closer to 440 hp at the moment with the CAI and GM performance axle back mufflers.






New custom cover that I made from one I purchased on Ebay:


This is my latest mod to the cover: I cut the center section out to expose the intake and allow heat to escape. I added a mesh screen to keep the bugs out


Here is the stock engine cover :


Brake Calipers painted


New Mufflers
Car Show at Innovation Academy 9/20/12:


My Camaro at MacMulkin's open house hanging with the Vettes 5/11/2013


My Camaro at Innovation Academy's car show 9/21/13




Here are some of the upgrades that I've done to my Camaro so far.

  1. Drained rear differential and replaced with GM fluid. 10,188 miles
  2. Drained transmission fluid and rep1aced with GM manual fluid 10,233
  3. Bled brakes and replaced with Valvoline synthetic fluid. 10,256
  4. Replaced both front seat covers at the Chevy dealership with new factory correct leather seats (TSB)
  5. Added GM matte black factory racing stripes
  6. Added Airaid cold air induction system
  7. Added chrome style side gills
  8. Blacked out the Chevy bowties front and rear
  9. Had two factory wheels refinished (right front and left rear) to remove small curb rash and scratches
  10. Added matte black hockey stick stripes
  11. Added Camaro monogramed floor mats with red piping and red lettering
  12. Had windshield replaced with new HUD compatible windshield 11,290 1/18/13
  13. Added Matte black nose rally stripes 4/5/2013
  14. Added matte black nose black out stripes 4/5/2013
  15. Flushed antifreeze and replaced with Dexcool 5/17/2013
  16. Added SRP billet aluminum racing pedals 5/9/2014
  17. Replaced rear tires with Pirelli P-Zeroes 275/40/20 8/1/2014
  18. Replaced mufflers with GM Performance mufflers part number 92206992 9/1/2014
  19. Painted brake calipers with red G2 high temp paint and added high temp decals. 5/1/2015
  20. Replaced battery with AC Delco 94RpG Gold 6/18/2015, 12,900

    The first Corvette below was my 2002 Corvette Z06. I bought it with 2800 miles on it and sold it two years later with 4138 miles on it.


    VIN Number: 1G1YY12S625111585

    As of 4/17/06





    On Sunday September 18, 2005 the Spindle City Corvette Club of Lowell, MA held it's 30th Annual Harvest of Vettes show. I entered my 2002 Z06 in the Show Class division. In my opinion this is the hardest and most prestigious event. All aspects of the car are judged for example: exterior paint, trunk compartment, wheels, interior carpet, dash and trim pieces, seats, glass windows, underhood engine compartment, engine ... Out of a field of 6 C5's including several 2004 models I won FIRST PLACE.

    My '02 is in the foreground, 2004 Z06 behind mine. Other cars in my class are shown.

    Front View

    Wheel Upclose

    Upclose picture of the trophy

    Me posing with car at show (it never rained)

    Receiving trophy from official

    Hamming it up

    Yup it says "First Place"

    Hug from wife.

    Big Ham

    Enough already , they get the idea :)

    Here is the website for Spindle City Corvettes. Click on "Harvest of Vettes 2005" -> Show Class and scroll down to - I 1997-2004 (C) 1st Place - That's me "Bob Hovey" :)

    Spindle City Corvettes

    Up close looks at an awesome supercar

    Engine pic 1

    Engine pic 2

    Top of engine

    The real deal

    Side profile


    Interior 1

    Interior 2

    Interior 3

    Z06 Info:

    - Here are some of the upgrades that I've done to it so far and some done by the dealership prior to my buying it.

    1. Dealership applied steering wheel lock ECM reprogramming upgrade. 8/24/04 - 2890 miles
    2. Car came with: SS Z06 sill guard protectors
    3. Car came with : Red and black Wheelskins steering wheel cover.
    4. Car came with: Red arm rest covers.
    5. Car came with: Red console cover.
    6. Installed a new ash tray door and console bezel (dealership 8/24/04 2890 miles).
    7. Installed Chevrolet bowtie splash guards to protect the quarters and rocker panels (8/26/04 2895 miles).
    8. Installed stainless steel chromed lettering to back exterior and Z06 405 HP decal (8/31/04 2950 miles).
    9. Installed K&N Air Filter (9/1/04 3005 miles).
    10. Purchased GM nose mask (bra) (9/4/04).
    11. Purchased outside mirror covers. (04/22/05).
    12. Added the SS Z06 405 hp exhaust plate (9/20/04 3100 miles)
    13. Added the 8inch "shorty" antena (10/1/04 3300 miles)
    14. Added rear bumber vent screens. (9/25/05 3880 miles)
    15. Added fuel rail cover black stripes and 5.7L emblem kit. (10/2/05 3912 miles)
    16. Replaced both left and right roof black plastic moldings with GM replacement pieces. (10/25/05 3956 miles).

      RPOs Options for My Z06:

        1. AAB Memory Package
        2. AR9 Bucket Seats With Leather Trimmed Surfaces
        3. B84 Body Side Moldings
        4. DD0 Electronic Mirrors: ISRV & LH OSRV
        5. DL5 Roadside Service Information Decal
        6. GU6 Rear Axle 3:42:1 ratio
        7. JL9 4 wheel disc anti-lock brake system
        8. LS6 5.7L liter SFI V8 405HP
        9. M12 6 Speed manual transmission with overdrive
        10. NG1 50 state low emission vehicle
        11. P12 Cast aluminum wheels
        12. UN0 AM/FM Stero W/CD player
        13. U52 Electronic Instrumentation
        14. VM3 Consumer Information Label
        15. V73 Statement of Vehicle Certification US/Canada
        16. YFU Rear Tires P295/35R18
        17. XFW Front Tires P265/40R17
        18. 12U Quicksilver Metalic paint
        19. 194 Z06 Inrerior black
        20. AK5 Driver &Passenger supplemental inflatable restraint system
        21. BGR Bowling Green Plant
        22. DD8 OSRV
        23. FE4 Ride & Handling suspention system
        24. IP4 Trim interior design - AR9
        25. K63 110 Amp Generator
        26. MN6 6 Speed manual transmission
        27. NC1 California Emissions LEV
        28. NK4 Leather wrapped sterring wheel
        29. SLM Stock orders
        30. UZ6 Bose speaker & amplifier system
        31. U73 Fixed mast
        32. V49 License plate frame
        33. 1SA Corvette Z06 base equipment group
        34. 191 Black interior trim

        Some Stock Z06 Stats:

        1. Rear axle ratio 3:42:1
        2. Compression ratio 10:5:1
        3. Horse power 405
        4. Ft Lbs Torgue 400
        5. 0-60 3.9 seconds
        6. Quarter mile 12.4 seconds 116 mph
        7. Top speed 171 mph

        I sold this 1996 CE Corvette in order to buy my 2011 Camaro - 1996 Sebring Silver CE LT4 Z51 (03/26/2007)

        Completely stock 1996 CE LT4, Z51 Sebring Silver Corvette with 13,435 miles on it on March 24, 2007. The car is almost flawless. It has two removable roofs solid and blue transparent, ZF 6Sp, FE3 suspension, 3:45:1 rear and more.

        Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

        I entered my '96 in Spindle City Corvette Club's 32 Annual Harvest of Vettes on 9/16/2007. It was my first show with the '96 but I worked all week polishing on her and she looked great. I registered at 8:30 AM on Sunday morning and put her in the Show Class. I fine tuned the cleaning and preparation until 12PM. Two judges gave her a thorough going over. There were 4 cars in this class. My assessment was the 1993 Ruby Red with only 9000 miles on it was my biggest threat. At 4:PM the trophies were handed out. I was happy to hear my name called for a first place win in Show Class.

        This car also took another first place win at the Gate City Corvette Club's Annual Spring Fling at the Annheiser Busch plant in Merrimack , NH in May 2009. It won first place in the Show Class.

        Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

        I had the car dynoed in the fall of 2009. Completely stock with a fresh oil change and rear end fluid change it made 304.5 hp at the rear wheels. That equates to approximately 360 hp at the crank. Not bad since GM rated the LT4's at 330 hp.

        '96 asleep in my garage under its Mid America soft cover beside my '06 Frontier


        Here are some of the upgrades that I've done to my 1996 CE LT4 so far.

          1. Replaced all 4 tires with P275 40RZ17 Sumitomos HTRZ-2 13,455 - 3/28/2007
          2. Purchased Tyvek nose mask.
          3. Added K&N air filter 13,455 - 4/1/2007.
          4. Cleaned throttle body 13,455 - 4/1/2007.
          5. Changed headlights to Sylvania Silverstars HP6054ST - 13,745 - 4/14/2007.
          6. Changed PCV valve 13,800 - 5/1/20007
          7. Changed fuel - filter with AC Delco filter 13,850 - 5/5/2007
          8. Replaced upper and lower radiator hoses with GM replacements. 13,900 - 6/15/2007
          9. Replaced thermostat with stock replacement and flushed antifreeze and replaced with dexcool. 13,900 - 6/15/2007
          10. Replaced rear roof and pilar weatherstripping 13,900 - 6/28/2007
          11. Water pump replaced by Chverolet dealership - stock replacement 14,120 - 8/1/2007
          12. Bled and replaced all brake fluid with Valvoline synthetic - 14,343 - 9/22/2007
          13. Replaced serpentine belt with GM part - 15,180 -08/25/2008
          14. Replaced Coolant Temp Sensor (WP housing) - 15,180 -08/26/08
          15. Replaced front main seal (crankshaft seal) at Chevrolet dealership - 15,351 - 10-15-08
          16. Replaced water pump drive seal at Chevrolet dealership - 15,351 - 10-15-08
          17. Replaced opti-spark drive seal at Chevrolet dealership - 15,351 - 10-15-08
          18. Replaced Crank Position Sensor (CPS) - 15,510 - 02/02/2009
          19. Changed transmission fluid 2.2 qts. GM syncromesh part # 12345349 - 16,131 - 07/02/2009
          20. Drained and filled rear differential. Added 1.3 qts. of Royal Purple Synthetic and 7 oz of Trans-x Posi Trac Limited Slip Additive 16,776 - 09/12/09
          21. Changed the battery to a Gold Die Hard - 17,745 - 4/15/2011.

            RPOs Options for My 1996 CE:

              1. AG1 Adjuster, Front Seat, Power, 6 Way, Driver
              2. AG2 Adjuster, Passenger Seat, Power, 6 Way
              3. AK5 Restraint System, Front Seat, Inflatable,
              4. AQ9 Reclining Seat, Driver and Passenger, Front Bucket
              5. AQ9 Reclining Seat, Driver and Passenger, Front Bucket
              6. CF7 Roof, Sun, Removable, Non-Transparent
              7. C2L Roof Package, Dual Removable (CC3 and CF7)
              8. C68 HVAC System, Air Conditioner, Front Auto, Electric Controls
              9. DL5 Decal, Roadside Service Information
              10. DL8 Mirror, Outside, LH and RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated
              11. FE3 Suspension System, Sport
              12. FE9 Certification, Emission, Federal *Merchandising Option*
              13. GM3 Axle, Rear, 3.45 Ratio
              14. IL4 Trim, Interior Design (L4)
              15. J55 Brake System, Heavy Duty
              16. KG9 Generator, 140 Amp
              17. LT4 5.7L Generation III V-8 Engine (VIN 5)
              18. ML9 Transmission, Manual 6 speed, ZF, 95mm, 2.68 1st, Overdrive
              19. MN6 Merchandised Transmission, Manual 6 speed, Provisions
              20. NG5 Registration Emission, Certification, Fifty State (50) *Processing Option*
              21. NF2 Emission System, Federal, Tier 1
              22. NK4 Steering Wheel, Sport Leather
              23. R6X Control Sales Item No. 23 *Processing Option*
              24. R7A Control Sales Item No. 26 *Processing Option*
              25. UX0 Speaker System, 6, Dual Floor Sill, Dual Extended Range Sail Panel
              26. U1F Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Music Search Cassette, Compact Disc, HPS, Clock, ETR
              27. U52 Instrument Cluster, Electronic
              28. U75 Antenna Power, Radio
              29. V73 Vehicle Statement, U.S./Canada
              30. XAU Tire, Front, 275/40ZR17/N BL R/PE ST TL HW4
              31. YAU Tire, Rear, 275/40ZR17/N BL R/PE ST TL HW4
              32. Z15 Appearance Package, Collector Edition
              33. Z51 Bilstein shocks, special front and rear springs, stabilizers and bushings, 17x9.5"wheels with P275/40 ZR 17 tires.
              34. 13U Sebring Silver
              35. 17P Wheel color Silver (Z15)
              36. 191 Inerior Trim black
              37. 194 Trim Combinaion Leather black Z15
              38. 24S Roof panel color Removable blue
              39. 191 Black interior trim
              40. 1AY Order Modification, Stock *Processing Option*

              Some 1996 LT4 Stats:

              1. Rear axle ratio 3:45:1
              2. Compression ratio 10:8:1
              3. Horse power 330 GM rated (350+)
              4. Ft Lbs Torgue 340
              5. Top speed 171 mph
              6. Type V-8, 90-degree Overhead valve with 4 valves per cylinder and 4 overhead camshafts
              7. Block Cast iron block and aluminum cylinder head
              8. Displacement 350 cid (5.7 liters)
              9. Bore & Stroke 4.00" x 3.48"
              10. Valve lifters hydraulic
              11. Fuel supply Sequential Multi-port injection (MPI)

              My 1987 Bright Red Corvette (10/1998 - 8/2004)

              I sold the '87 Vette to buy the Z06. I spent endless hours in my garage taking this engine apart and polishing everything on my 1987 Corvette. I think when you get an old car like this, you want to see if you can make it look and run like new again. I removed the plenum, throttle body, runners, valve covers, and even the alternater bracket. I stripped them down to bare metal (aluminum) and polished them by hand with sand paper. Starting with a 120 grit and working my way to 1200 grit. I kept the metal shinny with Mother's Mag and Wheel polish. I broke down the TB and put the parts in a bucket of parts cleaner called B9. It came out awesome. I bored out the runners a bit while I had them off and the manifold ports as well using a dremmel tool. I replaced the plugs with NGKs, wires with 8.8MM Accel, and cap and rotor with Accel. It had an HEI ignition. I added an SLP (Street Legal Performance) ram air induction kit. I had to cut a 2 inch by 6 inch hole through the plastic in front of the radiator. I placed the air snorkle through the hole. It grabbed cold air outside below the front air dam. I replaced the shocks myself using KYB gas shocks. I replaced the entire exhaust system myself from the exhaust manifold to the mufflers. I used Random Tech high flow cats and targa glass packed mufflers. I won several show trophies with my red Vette. It was a great car.

              My 1987 Bright Red Corvette's engine (L98 -240 hp)

              My 1987's L98

              My 1987 Bright Red Corvette

              My 1987 Bright Red Corvette

              My 1986 Chevy Camaro (5/1996 - 10/1998)

              I sold this Camaro to buy the '87 Vette. It was a 305ci V8 LG4 with a Rochester 4 barrel. I think it was originally a TPI setup but someone swapped in the rochester. The car was silver when I bought it. The paint was not very good and the interior was just so so. I took a 13 week auto body course at the Nashoba Valley Technical High School in Westford. I brought the car there every week for 13 weeks. I spent close to 1000 hours on the body between working on it at home and at the school. I learned a lot about auto body work's very hard work. I got to use a sand blaster, dual action sander, HVLP DeVilbiss spray gun, and lots of elbow grease. I think the results speak for themselves. I sanded the car down using various methods including a dual action sander, sanding blocks and even sand blasted it with coal dust. I used fiber glass, bondo and polyster filler to smooth out the panels. My instructor (Ed Hodgeson former owner of the "Bump Shop in Dracut) told me I had a "good eye". So why did he keep telling me, "do it again"? :) He could just look down a panel and tell you if it needed "a little more time". I primed the car myself at the school using a Euro primer with an HVLP spray gun. Eventually I had it painted at Duffey's Auto Body in Chelmsford: two coats of Sikkens Tuxedo black and three coats of clear. They even color sanded it to remove the orange peel. I removed the seats (front and rear) and replaced the uppolstery with red vinyl seat covers. I learned what hog-rings were. I removed the 4 barrel Rochester and had it re-built by Hobbs carburetor shop in Salem, NH.

              My 1986 LG4 Camaro

              1999 Ford Ranger 4x4 (8/2002 - 5/2006)

              This is my 1999 Ford Ranger 4x4. I sold this truck right after I sold the Z06. I traded it for the 2006 Frontier. It was a solid truck for 4 years. It had a 3.0L V6 and put out about 160hp. Kind of weak. I bought it off a lease with 30K miles and sold it with 51K miles on it. I added the following myself: some Western side rails (not shown in pic), and Extang tono cover, K&N filter, Lund bug deflector and a Flowmaster 40 series 2 chamber muffler.

              My 1999 Dark Green Ford Ranger Access Cab 4x4

              2006 Nissan NISMO Crew Cab 4x4 (5/2006-Present)

              My current ride is a 2006 Nissan NISMO CC 4x4. It has a 265hp 284ft.lbs. all aluminum block and heads 4.0L engine (4Q) . So far I have added the following myself: an Airaid CAI (should be good for 5-7hp), NISSAN bug deflector, Wade chrome taillight guards, NISSAN step rails, Lorado tono cover, bed extender, Autovation racing pedals, chrome tailgate handles, and painted the calipers red. Chrome billet grille and a dual cat back exhaust system using a Cherry Bomb muffler.

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