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Eva May/Dau of/J. W. Steelman/Born/June 17 1876/Died/June 21 1878

Eva May was the daughter of John Wesley Steelman, Jr. and Caroline Adelia Knaub (sister of Sarah Jane Knaub Field)

Wilbur W./son of/GEO. & S. J./Field/Died/July 1, 1878/
Aged 1yr 8ms 23ds

Wilbur Wallace was the son of George E. Field and his first wife Sarah Jane Knaub. Lavica Hinkle was his second wife.

Sarah Jane/wife of/George E. Field/Born/Mar 22, 1853/Died/Oct 9, 1876/Aged/23yrs (the rest is illegible)

Sarah Jane was the daughter of Norman Keith Knaub and Caroline McCartney from Ohio. Sarah died in childbirth.

Rachel A. Field/Dau of/N & C/Knaub/Died/Aug 18, 1872/Aged/22yrs 6mos 18ds

Rachel Amelia, another Knaub sister, was the wife of Henry Clinton Field.

STEELMAN/Mary J./Dau of/J.W. & Elizabeth/Steelman/born/Mar 28, 1857/departed this life/Jan 14, 1875/Aged/17yrs 9mos 17dys
(difficult to read)

Mary J. was the daughter of John Wesley Steelman, Sr. and Phebe Elizabeth Hinkle, sister of Samuel Hinkle and aunt of Lavica Hinkle.

Phebe A./Wife of/Reuben Sibert/and dau of/J.W. Steelman/born/Oct 25, 18 (47 difficult to read) /died/july 14, 1872

Phebe was the sister of Mary J. Steelman.

William/Son of/J.W. & E./Steelman/Husband of/(Ellen) Steelman (hard to read)/born/Oct 25, 1849/departed this life/ Feb 7, 1871/Aged/21yrs 3ms 13ds

William was the brother of Mary J. Steelman and husband of Ella Robb.

This section of the cemetery was formerly known as the Old Patoka Cemetery. These tombstones are located at the far west edge of the cemetery. Many have fallen and are broken. In 1998 heavy winds brought down tree limbs on this section of the cemetery. Some of the stones are still standing underneath the fallen limbs. We hope that the trustee will make the effort to have the limbs removed and the area restored as much as possible.

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