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[ ] YO YO DUCK (double-sided, shareware). A series of diagnostics programs from Michael A. Coffey. There are programs to test the disk drive, monitor, graphics, printer, joysticks, keyboard, memory, speaker, and the IIGS Ensoniq sound chip. Complete documentation, plus valuable notes on computer maintenance and troubleshooting, is on the reverse side of the disk.>

[ ] LIST (shareware). Stowe Keller's invaluable utility makes it easy to find and view the contents of any ProDOS 8 file. Reads AppleWorks AWP files, displays in hex or ASCII formats, and can print all or part of the file to printer or disk. Requires 128K.

[ ] PRODOS COMMANDS and UTILITIES (shareware). Contains a number of commands which may be added to the ProDOS BASIC.SYSTEM. Commands included are TYPE, MORE, COPY, ADD, PART, FORMAT (for text files), FILTER, and TIME.SET. Also on this disk are the utilities PBE (ProDOS Block Editor), DiskWorks (sector editor for ProDOS, Pascal, DOS 3.3 and CP/M), Hyper-Formatter (stand-alone disk formatter), and ProPacker (combines/restores all the files on a 5.25" disk to/from a single file -- useful for file transfers to and from BBSs).

[ ] BLANKENSHIP BASIC (shareware). John Blankenship's enhanced version of Applesoft. Control structures (similar to those in Pascal) have been added to allow "modular" programming. Many other capabilities have been added including a built-in editor, PRINT USING, and printing to the hi-res screen. This product was reviewed in Call-A.P.P.L.E. (January 1986) and Nibble (November 1987).

[ ] TRIAL-SIZE TOOLBOX (double-sided). From Roger Wagner Publishing, this is a scaled down (but completely functional) version of their Toolbox Series (earlier known as the Routine Machine, see Softalk, December 1982). This disk contains several routines from each member of the Series. Highlights are routines for input processing, text output, enhanced graphics for charts, and sound effects. In addition, the "Toolbox Workbench" allows you to easily add or remove commands from your Applesoft program. Complete documentation is on the disk. The Toolbox Series was reviewed in InCider, November 1985.

[ ] EDIT PRO (shareware). Ken Kashmarek of Living Legends Software designed this ProDOS-based Applesoft line editor to be the best on the market. The editor makes it easy to edit programs without having to remember those messy control key combinations and includes features for searching, renumbering, copying, moving, and splitting program lines.

[ ] DIVERSI-DOS (shareware). Bill Basham's speed-up enhancement of DOS 3.3 is now the industry-standard. Additional utilities include a keyboard/printer buffer and a fast garbage collector. The latest 64K version supports many new features including wildcards, listing of text files, improved listing and editing of BASIC programs, keyboard macros, and RAM disk support. The original version was reviewed in Softalk, May 1983. The historic arcade game DogFight (see Softalk, January 1981) is included as a bonus program.

[ ] DIVERSI-COPY (double-sided / shareware). This program takes advantage of extended memory to allow quick copies of unprotected disks in a minimal number of passes. Especially handy for making backup copies of 3.5 inch disks on single drive systems. DOS 3.3 and ProDOS versions included, GS-compatible. Reviewed in InCider, January 1987. Bill Basham's arcade game, DogFight, is also included.

[ ] THE CHAMELEON (double-sided, shareware). This utility allows you to transfer files between the DOS 3.3, ProDOS, SOS, CP/M, and Pascal operating systems. Your drives will be scanned and the type of diskette contained in that drive will automatically be determined. Complete instructions are on the reverse side of the disk. From Ewen Wannop, DarkStar Systems.

[ ] CP/M HYBRID DISK. This disk has been formatted so that half of it is formatted for DOS 3.3 and the other half for Apple CP/M. The feature program here is CP/Muffin, which enables one to easily transfer CP/M text files to DOS 3.3. A bunch of other handy CP/M and DOS utility programs are included as well.

[ ] COMMAND.COM (double-sided, shareware). A ProDOS shell that simulates the command environment of MS-DOS, the operating system used by IBM-compatible computers. Formerly a commercial product, it is most useful for those familiar (or those who want to get familiar) with the MS-DOS interface. Written by David Sugar and Les Kay. Requires two 5.25" drives or a single 3.5" drive or hard disk.