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We've gone through stacks and stacks of public domain software and shareware for the Apple and are now making the best of them available. Disks are only $3.00 each ($4.00 for GS disks). For each title purchased, you may designate another title to be copied to the reverse side of the disk (except, of course, for those titles which are already designated as double-sided). The charge for these reverse-side copies is an additional $1.00 per disk.

We carry the entire line of Eamon adventures from the Eamon Adventurer's Guild. These are specially priced at $2 per double-sided diskette. (You may request additional adventures to be copied to the reverse side of the diskette for free, space permitting.)

[Actually, Tom Zuchowski has put together an Eamon CD which contains all the Eamons as well as several Apple emulators. So now you can run Eamon on your PC. You can get the CD from me, but Tom is selling it cheaper! Check out these links for more info. - mike (3/28/03)]

The shipping and handling charge per order is $2.50 (see order form).

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