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SHAREWARE SOLUTIONS II -- is the highly acclaimed bi-monthly newsletter that focuses on the magic that is the Apple II computer. Written, edited and published by Joe Kohn and Dr. Cynthia Field, former Contributing Editors to inCider/A+ Magazine, and by Steve Disbrow, former Publisher of GS+ Magazine, Shareware Solutions II has received rave reviews and strong endorsements from II Alive, The AppleWorks Forum, GS+, Resource-Central-on-Disk, and by numerous Apple II User Group newsletters from around the world. (Subscription information is at the Shareware Solutions II site.)


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       AncestorWorks 5: The genealogy program for AppleWorks 5
   AncestorWorks 5 (ANW) is a powerful TimeOut application that runs
from inside AppleWorks 5.  It uses the familiar filecard menu system.
ANW supports thousands of ancestor records and works fast and
efficiently.  It can draw both ancestors and descendent trees in 
excess of 100 generations.
   AncestorWorks 5 is being offered for just $30 + $5 shipping and
handling.  A demo disk which is functional except that both ancestor
and descendent trees are limited to 2 generations is available for
$7.50 including s/h with the amount applied towards the full purchase
price.  There is no deadline for this offer.  Texas residents please
add 7.25% sales tax. For more info, write to
   To order, send a check or money order to:
      Dr. Bud Simrin
      Drawer F2
      9901 Ivy Leaf Lane
      Fort Worth, TX 76108-3821
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Email Bud Simrin at

WTB -- Softalk, Sep 80 (first issue). AppleWorks Forum, Sep, Oct 1986. Email: Robert Greenawalt at

FOR SALE (or trade) -- Mini-Putt (Apple IIGS), $10.00. SuperCalc3A, $10. General Manager (Sierra On-Line), $10. Cat Graphics (Penguin Software), $5. MouseDesk, $3 (sold). Summer Games, $5. Star Rank Boxing II, $3. Where In the USA is Carmen San Diego, $12 (3.5" disks). Grand Slam: Tennis (Mac), $10. Nord and Bert (Mac), $10. All with original disks and documentation. We also BUY, SELL, TRADE used software (Apple II, IBM, Nintendo, Game Boy, SNES). Send your list of offerings to Kula Software (originals only please.)

PRINT SHOP GRAPHICS LIBRARY, Disk 3 (Broderbund). A collection of 120 graphics for business, international signs, seasonal designs, myth and fantasy, animals, more. Print Shop required. SPECIAL $8.00 (reg. $24.95). (Contact Kula Software.)

AMDOS 3.5. Gary Little has modified DOS 3.3 to allow it to work with the Apple 3.5 Drive, UniDisk 3.5, or any 3.5" drive connected to Central Point's Universal Disk Controller. When a 3.5" disk is initialized under AmDOS, it is partitioned into two distinct 400K volumes. See Open-Apple, October 1986. $20.00. (Contact Kula Software.)

BACK ISSUES of magazines for sale. In stock: issues of A+, BYTE, inCider, Compute, (Hardcore) Computist, Creative Computing, Lotus, Micro, PC World, Personal Computing, Popular Computing, Softalk, many others. WANTED: Hands-On Mac 1/89. (Write Kula Software for availability and prices.)

BOOK SPECIALS -- Apple IIGS Toolbox Revealed (Goodman); Apple IIGS Assembly Language Programming (Scanlon); Serious Programming For Your Apple II/IIe/IIc (Simpson); Beneath Apple DOS (used); Minute Manual For Apple Writer (used); The Complete HyperCard Handbook (Macintosh, first ed.); Understanding HyperCard (Macintosh); Mac Assembly Language; Using 1-2-3, Special Edition; Using PC DOS, 2nd edition; Mastering Excel on the IBM PC. $12 each. (Contact Kula Software.)

USED BOOK CLEARANCE -- BASIC For The Apple II: A Self-Teaching Guide (Brown, Finkel, and Albrecht); Apple BASIC Data File Programming: A Self-Teaching Guide (Finkel and Brown); Applesoft BASIC Programming Reference Manual; The DOS Manual; More BASIC Computer Games (Ahl) (sold); Microcomputer Graphics (Myers). $5 each. (Contact Kula Software.)

OK I guess it's now time to put the following ads in the ancient archive category. Use the information below for amusement purposes only. (My apologies to anyone who may have been inconvenienced. - mike)

EAMON ADVENTURER'S GUILD -- the national clearinghouse for Apple Eamon. Editor Tom Zuchowski presents news, reviews, bug fixes, rating poll, technical support, and more. $7 for 4 issue subscription ($12 foreign). 7625 Hawkhaven Dr., Clemmons, NC 27012, (910)766-7490. Email Tom at

THE ROAD APPLE -- An Apple II "End Users" Underground Newsletter. Enjoy editor Al Martin's latest rantings and ravings on your favorite downtrodden computer. $10.20 per year (6 issues) ($10.55 Canadian, $13.25 foreign). Al Martin, 1121 NE 177th, Suite B, Portland OR 97230.

AMERICAN PUBLIC DOMAIN CLUB -- Membership entitles you to receive the APDC Journal, a bi-monthly disk-based newsletter. The newsletter will cover news in the Apple II world, reviews of new products, a listing of available public domain software, and free classified ads for members. Annual dues are only $4. American Public Domain Club, 5821 Kerth Road, St. Louis, MO 63128, (314)487-4160. Please make checks payable to Mike Young.)

DB MASTER PROFESSIONAL -- Stone Edge Technologies is sadly closing its doors. Remaining copies of DB Master Professional are being sold for $100 (plus $5 shipping). Contact Barney Stone, Stone Edge Technologies, P.O. Box 3200, Maple Glen, PA 19002, (215)641-1825.

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