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[ ] APPLEWORKS 3.0 PATCHER. By Alan Bird, Randy Brandt, Rob Renstrom, and Mark Munz. This disk from Beagle Bros and the developers of AppleWorks 3.0 fixes the nine most common bugs in AppleWorks 3.0. The patches fix problems in word processor control-codes, the tab ruler in the header/footer, data base printing after one copy, spreadsheet deleting of more than 255 rows, default printer deletion, text to data base import, data base/spreadsheet - lock up, going to the last category, and saving to a locked file. Also on the disk is the Macro Shop (a file of sample macros and instructional tips for using macros) and instructions for installing AppleWorks 3.0 on a RAMdisk using ProSel (courtesy of Beverly Cadieux).

[ ] FORM WORKS 1 (shareware). Jim Wellman has designed 19 commonly-used AppleWorks templates for business and home. The forms are action request form, address book, meeting agenda, conversation report, do-it list, expense and tax report, disk jacket, memos (four different styles), appointment calendar, phone call info, routing slip, shopping list, weekly planner, two-week planner, quick mailer.

[ ] FORM WORKS II (shareware). More forms from Jim Wellman for the small business environment. Included in this edition are a customer database, sales slips, sales ledger, pay out forms, invoice ledger, invoice master form, purchase order ledger, purchase order master form. Also included on this disk is a spreadsheet for keeping track of expenses when travelling on the road.

[ ] COLUMNIST 2.06 (shareware). This simple desktop publishing utility program by Karl Bunker takes an AppleWorks or text file and converts it to a document with two or three columns. Also on the disk is the Encryptor, which encrypts and decrypts all types of ProDOS files, and Dogpaw, which comes in handy for displaying and/or printing documentation files. Complete documentation for all the programs are on the disk.

[ ] GRAMMAR CHECKER. This disk features three programs which work with AppleWorks. Grammar Checker was written for UltraMacros 3.1 by Cliff Nation and Wlll Nelken. Macro Mania is aa collection of handy macros by Will Nelken. Ressurection is a utility by Harold Portnoy which helps restore damaged AppleWorks files.

[ ] MACRO LIBRARY/INTEGRATOR. Approximately 120 macros created by Ira Lieberman for use with AppleWorks 3.0 and UltraMacros 3.1 or later. The macros are collected into nine different files organized by function. The nine files deal with cursor movement, document format, find/replace, text highlight, delete/undelete, filer, print, Superfonts, and macro subroutines.

[ ] APPLEWORKS UTILITIES. This disk boots up into the program WINDOWS, which is a nicely done ProDOS program selector written in Applesoft. Other programs on this disk are DogPaw and ADBReader which allow one to read AppleWorks AWP and ADB files without having to use AppleWorks. Also included is a TimeOut QuickSpell / AppleWorks 3.0 compatible custom dictionary file containing computer and technical terms.

[ ] APPLEWRITER 2.1 (double-sided). This word processor was the #1 word processor in the Apple II world before AppleWorks came along. Program author Paul Lutus (with the prodding of GEnie's Tim Tobin) has now decided to classify his program as freeware. On the reverse side of the disk are instructions to get you started using AppleWriter plus Don Lancaster's patch to allow printing to the Apple IIGS serial port.

[ ] MAGIC WINDOW //e (shareware). This is the shareware edition of the popular word processor from ArtSci. This word processor is easy to learn and use, and works under DOS 3.3. General instructions are given on the disk (complete documentation may be directly ordered from ArtSci).

[ ] DB MASTER (double-sided, shareware). Formerly available only through commercial distribution. This is version 5 of the most powerful flat-file data base manager ever created for the Apple II. DB Master is able to handle large, demanding applications. The data files are not limited to the computer's memory and are able to span multiple diskettes. Requires 128K. From Barney Stone, Stone Edge Technologies.

[ ] DB MASTER TUTORIAL (double-sided). Step-by-step tutorial and example files on how to use DB MASTER.

[ ] SOFTGRAPH. David Durkee's easy-to-use graphing system for generating pie, bar, and line charts. These programs were originally presented in a series of articles in Softalk Magazine from January 1983 through April 1983. An instruction file, in the form of a tutorial, is included on the disk.