The following software runs only on the Apple IIGS. They come on 3.5" disks and are available for a $4.00 fee.

[ ] CHEAPPAINT (shareware). Earl Gehr's "paint" program which supports 256 colors on the screen at one time. You operate the program by accessing the menu bar at top of the screen and a Tool/Color window at the bottom. Documentation is included on the disk.

[ ] SHR GRAPHICS. This disk contains 30 excellent rendered graphics files in Super HiRes format. Among the subjects are the Apple Logo, Astronaut, Billy Boingers, Bud Light, Bugs Bunny, Darth Vader, U.S.S. Enterprise, Karate Kid, Moon, Robocop, and Tiger. A Graphic Viewer is included.

[ ] 3200 COLOR GRAPHICS. These 3200 color graphics show off the graphics capability of the IIGS. Among the graphics are Darth Vader, Star Wars, Space Shuttle, Astronaut, and Apollo 9.

[ ] SHRCONVERT (shareware). This utility allows you to load and view graphics saved in the popular GIF and other common graphics file formats and store them in common GS file formats. 75 pictures stored in GIF format are included on this disk. Also included is the program IIGIF which can display and convert GIF format graphics on any 64K Apple II.

[ ] FONTASM (shareware). An easy-to-use GS font editor with lots of features. Written by Stephan Hadinger.

[ ] SOUNDSMITH. A sophisticated music sequencer that shows off the sound capabilities of the GS. The disk includes 8 sample music files to play back and experiment on. This program was created by Huibert Aalbers.

[ ] MIDISYNTH JUKEBOX. A HyperStudio stack which plays MidiSynth songs. Ten songs and a special run-time version of HyperStudio are included. More song disks are also available. Presented by Joe Kohn and the Big Red Computer Club.

[ ] ACER SOUNDS. This disk contains a variety of digitized sound files which have been compressed. To play back the sound files, you must first expand them with the Acer utility, then load them into Sound Studio (included on the disk). Among the files are sounds from Monty Python, the Terminator, Dirty Harry, and Star Trek.

[ ] GYRUS UTILITIES. An assortment of inits, DAs, and utilities from a programmers group in Australia. Among the highlights are a full-function calculator, alarm clock, sound player, screen blanker, disk formatter, several games, and a whole lot more.

[ ] WAY COOL GS (shareware). A collection of desk accessories, control devices, inits, and icons that will make your GS act and look really cool. This collection was featured in Joe Kohn's article in the January 1992 issue of inCider and includes such programs as Solitaire, PacMan, Beyond, ErrorCodes, Quit-To, InitMaster, Icon Ed, Start Logo, Custom GSOS and ShowPic.

[ ] PROSEL 16 (demo version). This is the demo version of the most comprehensive set of utilities for the Apple IIGS. This disk contains the actual working ProSel-16 program along with its documentation, but a number of the functions of the full version have been disabled. Written by assembly language guru Glen E. Bredon.

[ ] WRITEIT! NDA (shareware). This is a word processor that is invoked as a new desk accessory (NDA). Since it is an NDA, it is handy for jotting down those important thoughts while you're in another GS application. Designed and written by C.K. Haun.

[ ] COMPUTER KEYBOARDING. Chuck Hartley presents a complete typing tutorial that starts with the beginning fundamentals. You are allowed to exit the program and re-enter at a later time. Also works on the Apple IIe and IIc (3.5" disk required).

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