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JT's World

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Hi. I'm JT, (NOT JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS)and welcome to J.T.'s World! When I started this page it was totaly devoted to Jonathan. But since then a few other topics have greatly caught my attention. That is why I have added on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,, The Backstreet Boys, Sky, and THE FACULTY! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come again! BUT PLEASE, SIGN MY GUEST BOOK!!!!


OK! First of all, I know haven't updated in FOREVER! Really buisy. But. Once I get more downloading space, I will be putting up a TON of Buffy pics. And secondly I realize I've been lacking on the Backstreet Boys and Jonthan Taylor Thomas areas of my page. Reasons being 1. I don't really like the boys any more and 2. No one... And I mean NO ONE is visiting my JTT site. A real shame if you ask me but... ANYWAY. I've decide to get rid of my Backstreet Boys page. I'm still deabating on JTT. We'll see. And thirdly. My Faculty site and Sky site are both being transfered to my other page so if you are looking for them (Along with Cruel Intentions) feel free to check out Sky's the Limit. Thanks for checking in and PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! SIGN MY GUEST BOOK! IT SEEMS TO BE STUCK!

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To Hellmouth and Back. Here's my pages on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

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My Sky site. Curently Under Constrution!

Check out my sisters page! It's about Devon Sawa & Emma Bunton!

Made in Canada!

The following HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to: Me! (yay! Beginers licence here I come!), Rhonda Gay, Drew Wood and Margot Maxwell. I hope I didn't forget anyone. Happy Birthday all!

If you are going to e-mail me PLEASE do not send me things related to X-rated things. This is not a joke. People are sending me their addresses for their X-rated sites and I DONT WANT THEM!!!! Please stop sending me them. Thank you.

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I've noticed no ones been signing my guest book. What's that about?!?

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I am curently the keeper of the way Buffy says "Wiley Willow Charmes!",

when Xander says "Then why would they make you see me?" In Becoming part 2,

When Giles says "Jenny... Is it really you?" In Becoming part 2,

when Oz says "That works too." In phases,

The effect Jenny Calendar left on Giles after she died,

Willow's ability to not faint untill after she's checked out the corpse,

Willow's saying: "Wouldn't you like to know"

Willow's 'half-a-monty' experience.

Faiths quote "Scott? Oh there you are hunny. Hey. Good news. The doctor says that the iching and the swelling and the burning should go down but we have to keep using the ointment." in Homecoming,

Faith's absence at Slayerfest '98,

Harmony's rude comment towards Jonathan's 'kill Moped'. (I'm not sure if I spelled moped right but it's a car.)

Faith's philosophy on the life as a slayer; want, take, have. (Bad Girls)

Faith's heart drawing with a stake through it in the window at Sunnydale High. (Bad Girls)

Xander's quote "I love when you talk, Wesley. I love when you sing, Wesley.' Can you say the words 'jail bait,' Wesley? Limey bastard." (Enemies)

Mr. Trick's quote "Oh no. Now that's not good at all." From Concequences,

And I am also the adoptive mom to the demon Tracona, from Band Candy.

The Sream Saying of the week.

This has nothing to do with Jonathan, Buffy or the Boys but my friend, Rhonda, is obbsesed with Scream so I thought that I'd put this in for her. I also didn't think anyone would mind reading some of these funny sayings out of Scream 1 and 2. I'll try to change it every week or so. If you have any sayings from Sream 1 and 2 that you'd like me to put up E-mail me. Hope you like it and don't forget to sign my guest book!! }=)

This week's saying:"Boyfriend, killer. Boyfriend, killer?" Micki says this to Sydney at the end of the movie about Derek. (Right before he shoots him.)Hope you like em. }=)

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I am not nor do I know any of the following people: The Backstreet Boys, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Nicholas Brendon, Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hanigan, or ANY of the other characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer so PLEASE don't e-mail me asking if I can give you their e-mail or anything like that.


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