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 This site is called Graffiti, because it is a graffiti site of

a collage of poems, thoughts and inspirations

pasted without any clear order.

They are not made to follow a certain order either. Why?


© We believe that life flows, like water ©


Sometimes Life may seem as if it follows no particular order.

However, there is an Order and a Pattern

that we may not be able to comprehend.

And always, there is Beauty

in what seems to be lacking in Order.

Look into our forests, the landscape, and

you will easily see its beauty.

They do not have Order,

but they are orderly in their disorder,

and simply yet magnificently Beautiful.

Stars have no symmetry in their placements,

yet they make the adorn the night sky with such beauty


Those who want to seek inside themselves could easily see this.

Understand that nothing in life is by


Life is not a game of Chance.

Neither are You a Sitting Duck to Life.

You have a Great Power within you.

One we recognize and respect.

You are God's Gift to You, to those who Love you, and


© You are God's Gift to the Universe ©


You are not a Victim to Life and to Fate,

you are a Student

We believe, you choose and make

your own trials and tribulations

for what reason, you may ask?

So the Student within you Learns about Life

and the Spirit Inside shall grow

to greater heights

and fly towards true freedom

above the material world


A Student seeks for Truth

A Student is not satisfied

with half-truths about Oneself.

The Truth lies inside you,


It is waiting to be set free and to be known.

Come and Step Out.


Find Truths within yourself.

You need to know God's Gift to You.


Know that person inside you, and welcome him/her home....

Let your mouse drag in the scroll bar to any point to

bring you to a certain location in these coming pages

And the Student inside you will find what you need to hear,

to spark an old memory, provide a new insight

or simply something to enjoy

Nothing is ever as it seems ... really ...


So again ....

welcome to Joyce's & David's Website

brought to you with love from Indonesia.


Many of the writings here are either personally ours,

from friends, Joyce's mom, and others we find insightful.

Most of the writings here are a collection since childhood.

None of them has ever been published.

Poetry for us had been our heart's expression

to the Student within ourselves.

We have never sent them to anyone except to some friends

as a response the Student within themselves.

We never displayed them before.

This is our first shot ... there's always a first time.

We are Students in this Website age.


since Good Students don't cheat to pass in life

please be mindful when you take excerpts from here

Give credit where credit is due.

It's simple



We invite personal poetry

that promote personal strength and insight

for inclusion in this particular site,

so long .... as we have enough space for that,

since this website is freely provided by our Host,

it has its limitations in regard to size graciously given.

If you have one of your own,

or one that you Treasure, send them to us



So, welcome again, Dear Souls. Welcome Home...!

Terima kasih!


Did you know that the above words

which means Thank You in Bahasa Indonesia literally means

"Your sign of Affection is Accepted"


Please Knock on Our Doors Below

Come Enter into Our Many Rooms



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