Welcome to a Web Page by a Dog for Dogs
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Welcome to a Web Page by a Dog for Dogs

Greetings! Q in Las VegasMy name is Q. I am a schnauzer and here is my favorite park where I enjoy playing ball and just hanging out. By the way, it's great to see that you finally could get your paws on the master's puter while you are alone. I think it's just doggish to be a geek dawg and my being online is just complete doggie heaven. I know most of you guys (dogs) like the constant confrontation out there in the dog-eat-dogQ's Park world but I am here to tell you that being in the doghouse is also not that bad. That is, if you are an indoor dog.

This is my first attempt at a web page so my first thoughts are to show you pictures of myself in various parts of my doghouse and also share some tidbits of what I have overheard. Don't get me wrong about being a geek, I love "truckin", although I am physically challenged in the category of ears and tongue flapping in the wind. However, I can "out drive, out hustle, out tuff, out muscle, out tow, out run, out work and out fun..." and show you what I got.. with the best of them.

Q's Den
The den's one of my favorite places to watch the home team (more doggish this season) on my big screen TV.
Q's Ocean View Sunset
My other favorite place... watching the coastline view (35 miles on a clear day).

It's astounding what we dogs overhear!

This is why men want us for their best friends?
Viewpoints by Men

This is why women compare men to us dogs?
Viewpoints by Women

This is why women think us dogs are better then men?
More Viewpoints by Women

This is Why Other Dogs are Computer Challenged?
Viewpoints by Dogs

This is to let you know that I and "All My Friends like to Go Riding."

Q Doing the Town

All this work in creating a web page has made me exhausted - I'm going to bed.

Q's Bedroom

Remember, that phrases like 'dog tired' or 'sick as a dog' is dog bashing and deserves a good bark followed by a deep growl.

This web page was developed by Q on 11/02/97.

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