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WELCOME to my Work Place

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Hello, I build web pages. Maybe I can build one for you. I have good low rates for maintaining your web page on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

50% off when I build your PERSONAL web page.

Due to a number of requests, for a first webpage, I will assist you in building your personal page in exchange for placing my logo, (Custom Pages by Hollis)at the bottom of your page. This offer is only for those who are novice web page users. Sorry, but due to time limitations, I can only accept a certain number per month. Email me and don't forget to include your page URL.

Is HTML turning you gray?

Is your page editor out to get you?

Or do you just need advice on getting something to work?

send me a e-mail

For information about me, my family and hobbies, go to my personal homepage by clicking here.

You can visit my wife's homepage by

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