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13th December 2001

Hi there!! I am busy building a new fresh layout for this site! Check it out soon!

19th November 2001

Check out an interview with Darren done by Rock Time magazine!

15th November 2001

Hi, I am gonna update this site drastically shortly.

Tourdates Dare!!!!!!!!

6th December: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer (Holland)

7th December: Biebob, Vosselaar (Belgium)

8th December: Zaal Struik, Lemelerveld (Holland)

3rd July 2001

It's been a long time but there is some great news around Dare!! THE NEW ALBUM "BELIEF" IS SCHEDULED FOR 27 AUGUST 2001. A release party is in Munich in the Garage on 14th August 2001. After the album is released, Dare will tour Europe again.

15th September 2000

For the Dutch Dare fans: Listen to the radio on Saturday 16th September at "De TIJGER SHOW" surrounding Baarn at FM 105.5. There will be an interview with Darren at 21.30 hours. Check it out! (thanks Danny)

14th August 2000

Dare is still working on "Belief". Look for rare livesoundsbites at

7th May 2000

The band Street Legal is supporting Dare on tour in Holland and Belgium.

29 March 2000

Big news! Dare is coming to Holland.

18th May: Zaandam "de kade"

19th May: Hardenberg "podium hardenberg"

20 May: Vosselaar "Biebob" (Belgium)

21st May: Landgraaf

26 November 1999

The new album Belief will be out in February followed by a UK Tour.

19 November 1999

Not much news around Dare or the new album. I am wondering what is going on.

26 July 1999

Darren Wharton and Scott Gorham are releasing an acoustic album soon. They are also planning a tour. They will play Holland in November.

16 March 1999

Dare will play on the 'Aardschokdag' in Den Bosch (Holland) 25 april. It's in 'De Maaspoort' in Den Bosch and the doors are open from 14:00 till 23:00. Tickets 40 guilders. You can get them from 'Stairway To Heaven' in Utrecht, 'The Rock' in Roermond or you can call 'Large PopMerchandising' at 010-2862066 or their homepage at: .

There will also be a METAL MARKET. Other bands are Annihilator, Avalon.

4 March 1999

Dare will play on the 'Aardschokdag' in Den Bosch (Holland) in april.

26 January 1999

The rumour is going that Dare will be supporting Toto on their European tour.

12 November 1998

The European Dare tour is postponed to early 1999 .

21 Oktober 1998

The Dare Fanzine "Deliverance" is an excellent issue and a must for Dare-fans! Mick Taylor is working on issue two now. He will have a big interview with ex-Dare guitarist Vinny Burns (now playing the guitar in Ten). If you have any questions you want to ask Vinny, just send an email to Mick Taylor at:

Dare tournews: an European Tour is on the way!! Tourdates? As soon as I know them.

7 September 1998

Check out the new Dare Fanzine "Deliverance". It has news, interviews, photos, letters, competitions, the DAREography and the first part of the Dare Story. It is also backed by MTM, who will be providing exclusive news! It is produced by Mick Taylor, who ran the fanzine (then called "Wings of Fire") from 1988 until 1993. To order your copy send £3.50 to: Mick Taylor Deliverance 42 Darley Road Queensway Rochdale OL11 2LF England Email:

22 July 1998

Dare is planning their next album in december. The worktitle of the album is called 'Belief' and the songs on this album would be more acoustic-orientated.

The new album 'Calm Before The Storm' is out!! Look for the front cover and tracklist below in the album links.

The song 'Walk On The Water' is recorded again from the single 'We Don't Need A Reason' and you can already find this fantastic song on the 'MTM - volume 2' album. This song is the first song on the new album.


I have collected some interesting links to other fantastic bands

Visit the super albums of  Dare

Out Of The Silence

Blood From Stone

We Don't Need A Reason (single)

Calm Before The Storm

Who's Who

Bandlist 'Out Of The Silence' album

Darren Wharton (vocals/keyboards)

Vinny Burns (guitars)

Shelley (bass)

James Ross (drums)

Brian Cox (keyboards)


Bandlist 'Blood From Stone' album

Darren Wharton (vocals)

Vinny Burns (guitars)

Brian Cox (keyboards)

Nigel Clutterbuck (bass)

Greg Morgan (drums)


Bandlist 'We Don't Need A Reason' single

Darren Wharton (vocals)

Vinny Burns (guitars)

Brian Cox (keyboards)

Nigel Clutterbuck (bass)

Greg Morgan (drums)


Bandlist 'Calm Before The Storm' album

Darren Wharton (vocals,keyboards)

Andrew Moore (guitars)

Julien Gardner (drums)

Martin Wilding (bass)

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