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The Ghost Riders

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Welcome to the GRAVE.

The Ghost Riders Active Veteran Establishment.

The Ghost Riders are a Starlance certified Mercenary Unit, who sell out their services to the highest bidder. They have never broken contract with any employer. The Ghost Riders were formed by Colonel Ghost, after his homeworld was destroyed by the Clans. They now devote their time and resources to fighting the invaders and driving them from the Inner Sphere.

The Ghost Riders are the winners of the first Starlance Award, and the first Soldier of Fortune Award issued in the Starlance League.

Ghost Rider Members..Click Here

This is currently offline...please check with Colonel Ghost at a later date for the password info.

The Ghost Riders Forum

Please check out the new Ghost Riders Forum for any posts you might wish to make, this is a NON secure board.

Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission

Initiation into The Ghost Riders
Currently the Ghost Riders are at maximum personnel. Don't be discouraged, we want full participation from our members. So we'll be clearing out current Ghost Riders that are not fighting. Keep in touch with me by e-mail, and i'll get back to you. I'll be posting a waiting list for entry into the #1 Merc group in Starlance.

As a means to show solidarity, most Ghost Riders have changed their name to reflect the "ghostly spirit" of our Unit.

Employer Unhonorable Enemies
Classified To Be Named -


10 September: WE HAVE WON THE STARLANCE AND THE SOLDIER OF FORTUNE AWARDS. I am so proud of all of you. We all came together when we needed you, and in the end....we DOMINATED Starlance. We're starting out well in Cycle 2. Although we have seemed to have lost some of you. I want to prove to the rest of Starlance, that our last awards winnings were not a fluke. I want the Ghost Riders to be consecutive winners of the Starlance & Soldier of Fortune awards. We are looking at some other options for a better website. We have a couple of volunteers already hard at work on a new page, server space, and some new graphics. Anyone else that feels that they could contribute is welcome to. We are the best there is, ladies and gentlemen....lets keep it that way.
--Colonel Ghost

28 August: Well ladies and gentlemen, we haved pulled ahead of the Wild Dragons and are back where we belong, #1. But do not let this get to your heads. We need FULL participation from here on in to make sure we maintain the #1 merc unit position. And if we get 100% effort from all members, we just may be able to take 2nd or even 1st for overall units. We have been recycling the non-participating members, and replacing them with new members. I want you all to welcome any new members that you may see online, make them feel welcome and at home. Help new members out in anyway that you can, if you see someone having problems with ANYTHING, give them a hand, we are a team, and ALWAYS need to work as a team. Remember, we are #1, we ARE the best folks, and we need to keep up the good work. Good hunting and good luck on the battlefield Ghost Riders.
--Major Phantom

Training will be held regularly in room "Ghost Riders Training", it will be password protected, the password has been e-mailed to all of you. Please try to come online sometime to participate in this training. E-mail me if you wish to receive training or know of another Ghost Rider that may need training.
--Major Phantom

The Grave Webmaster, Colonel Ghost
You are the Ghost Rider to visit this page.
Last updated on September 19, 1998