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Welcome to Gateway

Gateway is a new PBEM game I am trying to create where people write fiction for characters they create. What is unique about Gateway is that it is a place where fantasy and sci-fi combine. Your character can be anything you want. From knights of medieval times to laser-toting aliens, whatever.

To join, just make up a character (be sure to check the rules first), and send it to me. If your character is not too crummy, you're in. I want to start with only a few people, so join now!

******* NOTICE *******
I need someone to write me some plotlines that various writers could take up. If you are interested in the job, e-mail me and I will give you more info.

There will probably be more positions opened soon.

If I am infringing on any copyright laws, please tell me and I will correct the problem. You can contact me at