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Helpful Hints

Do you have a model horse question that you just canít find an answer for? Well, youíve come to the right place!! This page was made just for that help answer all your questions on the whole works of the model horse world! It will always be underconstruction and if you have a link that you would like me to add, just e-mail me with the URL. Hope you find what youíre looking for! =^)

*Note*: the name behind the link indicates the author of the article or the name of the homepage.


Remaking (Sue Sudekum)

Repainting (Sue Sudekum)

Molding and Casting Your Own Resin Models (Dawn Deale)

Photo Showing:

Picture Perfect (Polly Fields)- a GREAT article about how to take GREAT pictures! Including pictures and diagrams!

On-line Photo Judging Clinic (Carrie Sapp)- test your abilities to judge a class! You can send in your comments and even see what othersí opions are on that particular class.

Live Showing:

Live Show Packing and Stands (Tracie Caller)

Bloodlines, Pedigrees, Ect:

Standing A Stallion...I Think! (Catherine Mathewson)- how to get your own breeding barn started

IPABRA (Chris Semon)- International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association Web Page

Coloring, Conformation, Breeds:

Horse Facts (HorseFun Homepage)

Parts of a Horseís Body (?)- Helpful page! There is a picture of a horse, and you can click on any body part, and it will tell you itís name!


Model Horse Glossery of Terms (Sue Sudekum)


Reference Guide for Breyer Animals (Ponypilot)

Pocket Sized Breyer Value Guide (Ponypilot)- This book is not on-line, but for only $18.00 you can own your very own value guide! Most value guides are priced at about $40.00-$50.00.

Thatís it for now...if you have a link to add, just e-mail me!

Hereís another one of the herd!...

This is Grady...our very playful winged unicorn!

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