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~Aeirelyn's Den~

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Hello Welcome to My Place!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting little ole me. Please feel free to browse around *Vanna White sweeping motion with my hand*. While you are visiting some of the different sites I will tell you a little about myself.

My name is Selena! The two with me are my sisters. This is also my wanna-be blond years, *shaking my head wondering what i was thinking* At least I have my auburn hair again.*giggle*.Oh by the way I am the one on the right.
I am also a 25 year old Mommie. I have many loves and intrest. First and for most my Daughter comes first. Let me introduce her.

My daughters name is Morgan
She is 3. Please don't let the Angelic Face fool ya. *wink* Here is one of her cute faces when is was a little older than one. I do have more coming just bare with me! *sweet smile*

I am a big time Phantom Freak. I personaly have seen The Phantom of the Opera 3 times, and i hope to see it many more times. I have a A Phantom Page that i have created with a few songs on there that you can download and listen for yourself.
To show you how much of a Phantom Freak I am, I now have a Phantom Mask and rose tattoo. It is located on my left shoulder blade. This is my most prized Phantom souvenier.
and yes it hurt!!!

Along my travels I have met a very interesting individual. This person is a very talented, and up coming poet. If you would like to see some of his works please click on his name below.
Myst Walker.

I also love Dragons Very much. Any type of dragon will do. I have even adopted two for this page.
Here is one that i have.

And here is his brother
(these were adopted please don't copy these two dragon pics. If you wish to have them pleaseclick here )

I am in search of more dragons. If you know of any that are in need of homes, send me

I also have a bit of a DarkSide. As do us all!
I have a great intrest in Vampires and LARP Games. If you wish to know more please catch the little running dragon!

Well folks this is all for now. *sweet smile* So please come back and visit some times, also please sign my Guest book. Tell me what ya think. Let me know what can be done better or even what you liked.

If you wish to contact me. You may use my ICQ commincator!!

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